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University of Arizona  ยค
November 8, 2017

Using Mapping Diagrams to Make Sense of Functions and Calculus
Part II

Martin Flashman
Professor of Mathematics
Humboldt State University


Mapping Diagram Sheets
Mapping Diagram blanks
(2 axis diagrams)
Mapping Diagram blanks
(2 and 3 axes)
Worksheet I.pdf

Worksheet II.pdf
Spreadsheet Template (Linear Functions)
Section from MD from A B to C and DE (Drafts)
Visualizing Functions: An Overview Linear Functions (LF)
Quadratic Functions(QF)

GeoGebraTube (on-line)

YouTube Videos
Making Sense of Calculus with Mapping Diagrams[2016 MAA]
Using Mapping Diagrams to Visualize Linear Functions
and the following
Solving Linear Equations Visualized with Mapping Diagrams

(YouTube: 10 minutes each)

Revised Presentation to appear 11-9-2017 (html):