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University of Arizona  ยค
October 18, 2017

Using Mapping Diagrams to Make Sense of Functions and Calculus
Part I

Martin Flashman
Professor of Mathematics
Humboldt State University


Mapping Diagram Sheets
Mapping Diagram blanks
(2 axis diagrams)
Mapping Diagram blanks
(2 and 3 axes)
Worksheet I.pdf
Spreadsheet Template (Linear Functions)
Section from MD from A B to C and DE (Drafts)
Visualizing Functions: An Overview Linear Functions (LF)
Quadratic Functions(QF)

GeoGebraTube (on-line)

YouTube Videos
Making Sense of Calculus with Mapping Diagrams[2016 MAA]
Using Mapping Diagrams to Visualize Linear Functions
and the following
Solving Linear Equations Visualized with Mapping Diagrams

(YouTube: 10 minutes each)

Revised Presentation to appear 10-19-2017 (html):