The Association of Teachers of Mathematics'

2021 Annual Conference

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  Visualizing the algebra of equations
and inequalities with mapping diagrams

GeoGebra Class:
GeoGebra Books (on-line) Tutorial from GeoGebra Classroom
Visualizing Functions with Mapping Diagrams: MEI 2019
GeoGebra YouTubes
Intro to GeoGebra (YouTube) Introduction to Classroom (YouTube) (!!)
Work/Spread sheets
MDWorksheet Functions and Equations
Spreadsheet Template (Linear Functions)
Spreadsheet Template (Quadratic Functions)
Sections from MD from A B to C and DE (Drafts) Visualizing Functions: An Overview
Linear Functions (LF)
Quadratic Functions(QF)
YouTube Videos

Using Mapping Diagrams to Visualize Linear Functions (10 Minutes)

Solving Linear Equations Visualized with Mapping Diagrams.
(10 Minutes)

Using Mapping Diagrams to Understand Functions
AMATYC Webinar October, 2013 (YouTube)

Visualizing Solving Equations with Function Mapping Diagrams
AMATYC Webinar, September, 2020. (YouTube)

Mapping Diagram Sheets Mapping Diagram blanks
(2 axis diagrams)
Mapping Diagram blanks
(2 and 3 axes)

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