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Math 480 Spring, '16
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SPRING, 2011                     COURSE INFORMATION(tentative)        M.FLASHMAN
MATH 480: GEOMETRY            T 9:00-10:50       ROOM: Sci A 364
OFFICE: BSS 356     E-MAIL: flashman at          PHONE:826-4950
Office Hours (Tent.): MWRF  8:15-9:30 AND BY APPOINTMENT or chance!
PREREQUISITE: Math 240 and high school geometry (or permission ). Co-requisite: Math 371. 
Software:  GeoGebra.
Math 371 TEXTS:

On Line DESCRIPTION: Geometry and Technology (1) Optional one unit computer laboratory course supplements MATH 371 Geometry with hands-on experience in using technology to investigate geometry. Students will be expected to use the learned capabilities through weekly assignments.

SCOPE: This course will cover various topics in visualizing  "classical and modern geometry."
Classes will be held in a computer lab to facilitate hands on experience with appropriate computer software  Supplementary readings and materials will be supplied as appropriate.


Math 480 assignments are submitted electronically through Moodle  for grading by 9 pm on the date specified in the assignment.
All but the final assignment will be worth 10 points. I will drop the lowest assignment score from the total for averaging. The final assignment will be worth 30 points.
There will be no final examination.

GRADES: Final grades will be determined taking into consideration the quality of work done in the course as evidenced primarily from the accumulation of points from the assignments.

 MATH 371 Connection: We will use the computer to illustrate and investigate some of the geometry discussed in Math 371 dynamically.

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