MARTIN E. FLASHMAN: Curriculum Vitae

Humboldt State University  Telephone:(707) 822-2341(home)

Arcata, CA 95521           (707) 826-4950(office)



Brandeis University: Ph.D. (Mathematics), May, 1974; M.A. (Mathematics), June, 1969;

B.A., Cum Laude with Honors in Mathematics, June, 1967.

New York University School of Law: J.D., February, 1978.

Also attended: N.S.F. Summer Program in Algebraic Groups, 1968;

University of Notre Dame, 1967-1968; Bates College, 1963-1965.


Humboldt State University, Professor of Mathematics, 1993-present.

Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1986-1993; Assistant Professor, 1981-1986.

Bard College, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, September, 1975 - June, 1981.

Department Chair: January, 1978 - June, 1980.

Director of Academic Computing, Spring, 1979 - June, 1981.


University of California, Berkeley, Visiting Ass't. & Associate Professor, Summers, 1986-1990, 1992.

University of Toronto, Visiting Professor, Fall, 1988.

College of the Redwoods, Assistant Professor, part time, occasionally Spring, 1983-Spring, 1987.

University of San Francisco, Visiting Lecturer, Summer, 1984.

Baruch College, CUNY, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1974-1975.

Mount Holyoke College, Instructor of Mathematics, 1971-1972.

Brandeis University Upward Bound Program, Teacher, Consultant and Tutor, 1967, 1970,1973, 1974.

Brandeis University, Teacher of Undergraduate Mathematics, 1968-1971,1972-1973.

University of Notre Dame, Teaching Assistant, 1967-1968.

Yale University Mathematics Department Visiting Fellow, Fall, 1980.

N.E.H. Fellow, Summer, 1980. N.E.H. Seminar on "Frege and the Philosophy of Mathematics," U.N.C., Chapel Hill, directed by Professor Michael Resnik.

Academic Interests:

Geometric and Algebraic Topology; Social Science Applications of Mathematics (especially Game Theory and Economics); Foundations of Mathematics (applications of Nonstandard Analysis); History, Philosophy and Methodology of Mathematics; Mathematics Education; and Applications of the Computer to Instruction.

Computer Languages: BASIC, APL, FORTRAN. Software: X(PLORE), Geometers' Sketchpad.

Member: Mathematical Association of America.

Referee: National Science Foundation, American Mathematical Monthly, College Mathematics Journal, PRIMUS, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, and commercial publishers.

Most recent reviews of software and a history of mathematics text for McGraw Hill. Spring, 1997.

Participant in McGraw-Hill focus group on multimedia in mathematics. Orlando, Fl, Jan. 1996.

Recent and Current Activities since promotion to Professor (as of February 26, 1999)

HSU Mathematics Department

Math Department Technology Committee. 1998- present. Chair: 1999-2000

Math  Department Scholarship and Prize Committee. 1998- present. Chair: 1999-2000.

Originator of the concept of the v du prize, enacted by Math dept., Spring, 1997, endowed by Professor V. Upatisringa.

Originator of the concept of the Kieval Transfer Scholarship, enacted by Math dept., Spring, 1997.

Chair of v du prize and Kieval transfer scholarship committees, Spring, 1997-1999 .

Member of the Math department scholarship committee. Spring, 1998.

Web manager for math department home page, Fall, 1998-present.

Chair of search/screening committee. 1997-9.

Co-Chair of mu alpha theta (maq) Contest, 1983 -present. (solo, 1997)

Co-Chair of Kieval Lecture Committee, 1983- present.

Chair: Ad hoc committee on linear algebra, fall, 1997.

Successful proposal made with Phyllis Chinn and Dale Oliver for upgrade of geometers' sketchpad to site license. January, 1995.

"A Day in The Life of a Mathematician", presentation to HSU Math Club, October 19, 1995.

Workshops on HP48G. HSU. Feb., 1994; September, 1994; April, 1995.

Successful proposal made for purchase of HP48G calculators which also brought 2 HP48GX calculators and overhead display panels. November, 1993-October, 1994.

Organized site license for X(PLORE), PC and MAC versions. Fall, 1992.

"Dice and Dart Games," a talk given (to the junior high school students) at the Redwood Empire Mathematics Tournament at HSU, March 20, 1993.

Organized calculus forum/colloquium series: 1992-93.

"The Relation of The Derivative to Probability," February 23, 1993.

"Some Calculus before Newton and Leibniz." September 29, 1992.

Mathematics Department Colloquia

February 4, 1999. "The History of Logarithms: A glimpse of some highlights."

September 10, 1998. "Mathematical Encounters with the Number 7."

April 2, 1998. " Solving Calculus Problems without Calculus: Some Historical and Modern Examples."

Sept. 18, 1997. "Dynamic Visualizations of Calculus".

October 24 and 31, 1996. Organized HSU Mathematics Colloquium Series with Michael Goodman on T.S. Kuhn and the Philosophy (and History) of Science and Mathematics, including presentation on the impact of T.S. Kuhn's views on the philosophy and history of mathematics.

October 12, 1995. "Numbers, Real Numbers, and Decimals."

Feb. 16, 1995. (With Jeff Haag) "Comparing Graphing Calculators: Math on the HP 48G and the TI85."

May 12, 1994. "The Grand Finale: some Questions at a time of ending and commencing."

Fall, 1993. " Visualizing Functions in Calculus III."

May 6, 1993. "The Projective Plane, an Introduction to its Geometry and Topology."

Humboldt State University Service

Member of HSU university team attending CSU conference on Assessment, Long Beach, CA, Feb., 1998.

Member of Graduation Writing Proficiency Exam (GWPE) committee, 1998-2000

Reader for GWPE, 1995-present.

Presentations on mathematics for GRE preparation seminars organized by Nezzie Wade for Learning Skills Center. 4 times per year, Fall, 1995- Spring, 1998.

Educational Policy Committee, 1994-1997.

University Library Committee, 1998- 2000.

University Center Board, 1998-2001.

Humboldt State University Activities:(in part through promotion to Professor)

Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise Award, May, 1988.

Academic Senate, 1991-92.

Director, Developmental Math Programs, 1990-91. Colloquium Chair, 1982-1991.

Curriculum Review Committee, 1982-83, 90-91. Search Committee, Chair, 1989-90.

Redwood Area Math Project Advisory Committee, 1984-91.

Math Club Advisor, 1982-1987.

Wrote BASIC, A Brief Introduction, 1982; companion videotape produced, 1984.

Designed a system for displaying weaving patterns for use by weaving courses, 1983.

Bard College Activities (in part):

Wrote and administered IBM Computer Grant Proposal, Spring, 1980 - June, 1981.

Faculty introductions to programming in BASIC and APL, Spring, 1980, 1981.

Recent Special Courses/Conferences Attended

CSU conference on Assessment, Long Beach, CA, Feb., 1998.

MAA MathFest, Toronto, Ontario, August, 1998.

ORMATYC conference and NSF sponsored AMATYC Workshop on The AMATYC Standards as co-PI for NSF grant. Lincoln, Oregon, April 24-27, 1997.

MAA MathFest, Seattle, WA, August, 10-13, 1996.

NSF sponsored Symposium on Implementing Reform in Mathematics, Engineering and the Sciences; Scottsdale, Arizona, June, 1996.

NSF sponsored Open Forum on Calculus Reform, U. of Arizona, Tempe, Arizona, Sept. 8-10, 1995.

CMC3 Conference, Monterey, CA, December, 1994.

MAA Northern California Section Meeting, San Jose, Spring, 1994.

Invited participant to the NSF Conference "Preparing for a New Calculus", at the University of Illinois Allerton Conference Center, April 22-25, 1993.

Mathematicians and Education Reform Network (NSF - sponsored) workshop on Changing the Culture, Berkeley, CA, March 4-7, 1993.

Partial List of Current and Recent Projects

Writing Calculus textbook - "Sensible Calculus": Was under contract to West Educational Publishing, released from contract by Brooks/Cole (ITP), January, 1997. Currently in discussions with WH Freeman.

Consultant to CSU, Sacramento on Mathematics Department Program Review: Spring, 1996.

CRAFTY activities

Member, Mathematical Association of America CUPM Subcommittee on Calculus Reform and The First Two Years (CRAFTY), 1993-1999. Friend of CRAFTY, 1999- present.

Co-Principle Investigator for NSF Grant, "Implementing the AMATYC Standards for courses below calculus," awarded January, 1996.

Currently designing CRAFTY web page.

Organizer of Contributed paper session "Interactive and Dynamic Visualization for Precalculus and Calculus" for MAA MathFest, 1998 in Toronto, August, 1998.

Member of CRAFTY panel on "Calculus Reform" for ASEE meeting in Seattle, WA, June, 1998.

Organizer of Contributed paper session " Planning Reformed Calculus Programs: Experiences and Advice" for Joint Mathematics Meetings, Orlando, Fl, January, 1996.

Member of CRAFTY panel on "Calculus, the Dynamics of Change" at Joint Mathematics Meetings, Orlando, FL, Jan. 1996.

Section Editor and contributor to Calculus, The Dynamics of Change, A. Wayne Roberts, Editor, MAA Notes, Number 39. January, 1996. Edited and wrote notes for Part II on Planning, pp. 41-65, Calculus on the Internet, pp165-166.

Organizer, Chair Panel Discussion on "Institutional approach to calculus reform- Getting everyone on board," for CRAFTY, at Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Francisco, January, 1995.

Owner, Calc-reform list on American Mathematical Society,, 1991- present.

Other Presentations, Publications and Workshops

"Dynamic Visualization of Calculus: More Concepts to Drive Technology," a one hour Address at ICTCM, NewOrleans, Louisiana, November 21, 1998. .

"Dynamic Visualization of Precalculus and Calculus Concepts with Geometer's Sketchpad," a two hour Workshop at AMATYC 24th Annual Conference, November 5, 1998. Portland, Oregon.

Consultation visit and Presentation "Numbers, Real Numbers, and Decimals" at Special Mathematics Department Colloquium, Catholic University, Washington, DC, April 11, 1997.

"Visualizing Functions with Scalar Fields" presented at a contributed papers session, ICTCM, Reno, Nevada, November 9, 1996.

Special Seminar and Workshop on "Visualizing Functions in Calculus I to III" and Colloquium on "Probability and Calculus" at U. of Arizona, Tempe, Arizona, September 7, 1996.

"Historical Motivation for a Calculus Course: Barrow's Theorem" in Vita Mathematica: Historical Research and Integration with Teaching, edited by Ronald Calinger, MAA Notes, No. 40, 1996.

Book and Media Editor: UME TRENDS, News and Reports on Undergraduate Mathematics Education, published by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics, January, 1989 - January, 1996.

"Two departments: A fictional tale of change and illusion." presented at the Contributed paper session "Planning Reformed Calculus Programs: Experiences and Advice" for Joint Mathematics Meetings, Orlando, Fl, January, 1996.

Three hour Workshop on HP48G at CMC3 Conference, Monterey, CA, December, 1995

"Connecting Themes between sensible Precalculus and Calculus Programs: Estimation, Rates, and Probability." CMC3 Conference, Monterey, CA, December, 1995.

"Probability as a Recurring Theme in Calculus," an Invited One Hour Address at the Fourth Conference on Teaching of Mathematics, sponsored by Addison-Wesley and the NSF, San Jose. June, 1995.

Presentation on Mathematics and Liberal Arts General Education at the State of Jefferson Mathematics Congress, May, 1995.

"Concepts to Drive Technology," in Proceedings of the Fifth Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, Addison-Wesley, 1994, pp 166-172.

"Probability: Connecting Concepts in Precalculus and Calculus," in Preparing for a New Calculus: Conference Proceedings, Anita Solow, editor, MAA Notes Number 36, 1994, pp 108-110.

Workshop on Calculus Reform at Math Department retreat. CSU Fullerton. August 23, 1994.

Workshop on HP48G. CSU Fullerton. August 24, 1994.

MAA Poster Session Presentation on "The Sensible Calculus Project" at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Cincinnati, Ohio. January, 1994.

Isometries, a module for use in geometry courses, with O. Bierman, W. Blank, X. Ma, D. Perley, H. Sandler, and J. Spath, published by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications, Inc., (COMAP), 1993.

"Sensible Calculus Program Reforms: Concepts and Planning" at CMC3 Conference, Monterey, CA, December 3, 1993.

"Introduction to X(PLORE)" workshop at the Nineteenth Annual Conference of AMATYC, Boston, November, 1993.

Special seminar on "Calculus and Technology," Northeastern University, Boston, November, 1993.

Invited Panel presentation on departmental planning for calculus reform. Conference on Teaching Calculus, Harvard University. Summer, 1993.

"Probability in Teaching Precalculus," at the Winter Mathematics Conference of the California Mathematics Council to the Far North, February, 1993.

"Visualizing Probability in The First Year of Calculus" at the MAA session on "Use of Visualization in the Teaching of Mathematics," at the joint mathematics meetings of the AMS and MAA, San Antonio, Texas, January, 1993.

Poster description of the New Sensible Calculus Program at the MAA Calculus Project Poster Session at the joint mathematics meetings of the AMS and MAA, San Antonio, Texas, January, 1993.

"Concepts to Drive Technology," invited 1 hour presentation, at the Fifth Annual International Conference On Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, Chicago, November, 1992.

Workshop with David Meredith (SFSU), "An introduction to X(PLORE)" at the Fifth Annual ICTCM, Chicago, November, 1992.

Co-organizer of Poster Session at the Fifth Annual International Conference On Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, Chicago, November, 1992.

"Historical Motivation for A Calculus Course: Barrow's Theorem." A 30 minute address made at the quadrennial meeting of the International Study Group on the Relations Between History and Pedagogy of Mathematics in Toronto, CA, August 13, 1992.