CRAFTY Minutes of Toronto meetings, July 16, 1998

CUPM Subcommittee on Calculus Reform and the First Two Years (CRAFTY)

Below you will find the first portion of minutes of our summer meeting in
Toronto.  The meeting was Chaired by Susan Ganter; these minutes were
prepared from notes Susan took at the meeting. 

The majority of the meeting was spent on planning for the Tulane II 
conference --- the notes on this topic will be sent in a separate 

CUPM Subcommittee on Calculus Reform and the First Two Years (CRAFTY)

Minutes, Toronto, Thursday, July 16, 1998, 12:45pm - 2:35pm
Notes produced by Susan Ganter
      Further edited by Bill Barker


Committee members:  
   Susan Ganter (Acting Chair), Shelly Gordon, Martin Flashman 
   David Smith


It was reported that the AMS has a special session in the January 
meetings in San Antonio organized by George Andrews, et al, dealing with 
problems with the current reform efforts in mathematics education.  How 
this session will impact the various CRAFTY events in San Antonio is an 
interesting question.  

In Toronto Jerry Uhl talked on the changes needed in mathematics 
education; there was a counter-presentation given by George Andrews. A 
similar point-counterpoint presentation will be given by David Smith and 
George Andrews at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 
August.  It was estimated that approximately 75% of audience (composed 
primarily of SIAM meeting participants) supported GeorgeUs viewpoint, 
i.e., agreed with his characterization of the problems with reform 
courses and the student weaknesses that contribute to the waning 
excellence in mathematics education.  One positive aspect of the 
discussion was a focus on faculty irresponsibility, i.e., research as 
the sole driving force in university careers and the lack of rewards for 
excellence in teaching.

Report on the ASEE meeting.  Shelly Gordon organized a CRAFTY session on 
calculus reform at the ASEE (American Society of Engineering Education) 
at their annual meeting in Seattle this July.  Martin Flashman and Wade 
Ellis were the CRAFTY representatives. There were 15-20 people in 
attendance.  The meeting ended with a gathering of input from the 
audience of engineers on what they desire out of calculus instruction 
for their students.  Wade Ellis took notes, perhaps for an article in 

Report on the International Conference on the Teaching of Mathematics. 
This conference, held in Greece at the beginning of July, demonstrated 
much convergence of philosophy at the international level: more focus on 
concepts, less symbolic manipulation, similar weaknesses in preparation 
of students for university mathematics, a growth of non-traditional 
students, issues with technology.  The trends seem to be similar 
worldwide (78 nations represented).  How much influence have reform 
efforts in the U.S. had internationally?  The answer was unclear.


The remainder of the CRAFTY meeting was spent discussing plans for the 
Tulane II conference.  The revised Tulane II document to emerge from 
these discussions will be circulated separately.  

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