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My Game Theory Course, materials, etc.: Fall, 2000

Game Theory and Mathematical Economics Web Surfing (Tools and) Sites

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Game Theory

  1. The Set Game Company Homepage
  2. David Levine's Economic and Game Theory Page
  3. Elwyn Berlekamp's Home Page
  4. Economics 101
  5. #29: Games of No Chance
  6. Al Roth's game theory and experimental economics page
  7. Daniel Loeb's Page on Combinatorial Game Theory
  8. David Eppstein's Combinatorial Game Theory Page

Operations Research Projects

  1. Tutorials - Java Powered EXCELLENT Finite Mathematics Applied to the Real World- on-line interactive tutorials - Java and Javascript resources. Many excellent real-world explanations and examples. (Hofstra University)
  2. Tutorials from International Federation Of Operational Research Societies
  3. World-Wide-Web for Operations Research and Management Science
  4. Short Course in Linear Programming All online. By Harvey Greenberg.
  5. Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  6. The Connected Curriculum Project: Frank Wattenberg et al.'s grand vision of learning (including calculus) using the www. These sites are co-linked as well.

  7. Connected Curriculum Project -- Duke
    Connected Curriculum Project -- Montana State
Sources for Problems
  1. On-line assessment of basic skills (credits to John Orr at UNL)
  2. FHS Precalculus Study Page (Precalculus and some Calculus... mainly an on-line textual presentation)
  3. Internet Center for Mathematics Problems
General information, resource lists, and discussion.
  1. Michael Trick's Operations Research Page Excellent resource references.
  2. Dave Slomer's Calcu-Page (Be sure to look at the end of this page.)
  3. Old Dominion U's short list of Resources On-Line
  4. The World Lecture Hall:Mathematics A list of math (calculus+) courses offered over the www.
Online Technology .
  1. Cybermath (Many examples exploring high school and college math using MathView)
  1. GAMBIT -Analyzes games in Extensive and/or Normal Form from caltech
  2. Winarc and other neat freeware from Rick Parris (Excellent software for some games as well as calculus through DE's)
  3. X(PLORE) for Windows
  4. MathWright Library
  5. MuPAD - the Open Computer Algebra System (a  powerful CAS available free to students and faculty)

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Reference Materials - for searches and Quick Math Stuff
  1. Encyclopedia Britannica
  2. ## MathSearch Give this a try :-)
  3. The official WWW server index for Mathematics
  4. Index - MathSearch -- search a collection of mathematical Web
  5. Index - Useful Mathematics Internet Resources
  6. E-MATH home page
  7. ams-mathscinet
  8. MAA
  9. Mathematics Software
  10. Mathematics Archives
  11. On-line Mathematics Dictionary
  12. The Math Forum
  13. Ask dr. math



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