Tentative List of Films and Videos

Rigid Plane Geometry
  1. The Theorem Pythagoras.
  2. Equidecomposable Polygons
  3. FAPP Escher/ Tilings/ wallpaper
  4. Isometries
  5. Caroms
  6. Alhambra Tour. (Foster)
Rigid Space Geometry
  1. Three polyhedra videos (Foster)
  2. The conics (Open University)
  3. FAPP: conics
  4. The Hypercube- (Banchoff)
Planar and Space Similarity
  1. FAPP: Scale and proportion
  2. Orthogonal Projections (GF)
  3. Central Similarities (GF)


  1. Devlin Lecture (Kieval)
  2. FAPP: Overview
  3. D. Duck (Disney)
Projective and Hyperbolic Geometry Inversion
  1. FAPP: Perspective Drawing
  2. Perspectivites/Projectivities (GF)
  3. Projective generation Conics (GF)
  4. Inversions (GF)
  5. Non-Euclidean Universe (OU)
Topology of Planar Networks
  1. FAPP: Konigberg Bridge
  2. FAPP: Networks: Euler's Theorem
  3. FAPP: The Four Color Problem
    Topology of the plane and space. Surfaces
    1. Regular Homotopies I and II (TF)
    2. Turning a Sphere Inside Out (TF)
    3. Space Filling Curves (TF)
    4. FAPP: New Surfaces
    5. Hoffman Surfaces Lecture (Kieval)