Math 103I Backgrounds Topic List

The second part of the Math Placement Exam (MPT) covers intermediate algebra, commonly called "Algebra 2" in high school. A score of 15 or more out of 20 questions will satisfy the Math 103I Backgrounds requirement to complete the course. A scientific calculator is allowed in the test, but not a graphing calculator, a calculator with an alpha- numeric keypad or a lap-top computer. The following list of topics is described in terms of the textbook currently used in Math 42 and Math 44, Elementary  and Intermediate Algebra 2nd Edition by Bittinger, Ellenbogen and Johnson.

1.1-1.8    Real numbers and operations with them; Definition of absolute values
2.1,2.2    Linear equations
2.3        Formulas
2.4,2.5    Applications and problem solving
2.6,2.7    Solving linear inequalities
9.3        Equations and inequalities with absolute value
3.1,3.2    Cartesian coordinates and graphing lines
3.3-3.5    Slope of a line
p743-5     Distance and midpoints
8.1        Forms of Linear Equations
8.2        2x2 systems
8.3        Some applications of 2x2 systems
4.1,4.9    Scientific notation
4.2,4.3    Adding polynomials
4.4        Multiplication of polynomials
4.5        Common factors and factors by grouping
           Factoring special polynomials
           Factoring trinomials
           Strategies of factoring
4.7        Division of polynomials
6.1        Simplification of rational expressions
6.2        Multiplication and division of rational expressions
6.3,6.4    Addition and subtraction of radical expressions
6.5,6.6    Complex fractions
6.7        Equations and inequalities with rational expressions
10.1       Radical expressions, simplifying
10.3       Addition and subtraction of radical expressions
10.4       Multiplication and division of radical expressions
10.2       Rational exponents
10.6       Equations involving radicals
10.7       Applications
10.8       Complex numbers
11.1       Solving the quadratic equation by factoring
11.2       Solving the quadratic equation by completing square
11.2       Using the quadratic formula
11.3       Applications and problem solving
12.1,12.6  Exponential equations
12.3,12.6  Logarithmic equations
12.4,12.5  Properties of logarithms