CUPM Subcommittee on Calculus Reform and the First Two Years (CRAFTY)
Agenda for July 16, 1998

Thursday, July 16, 12:45 - 2:35, Paris Room at the ICC

This will be a small meeting due to the low attendance of CRAFTY members
at the MathFest.  For that reason the agenda will be restricted
primarily to a discussion of the Tulane II initiative, with other items
discussed only if necessary or desired by the people in attendance.

Susan Ganter will chair the CRAFTY meeting.  


1. Introductions.

2. Brief discussion of San Antonio activities sponsored by CRAFTY. An
event should be discussed only if there is a reason to do so. At the
moment, the only event organizer to request some input is Bill McCallum:
"Any suggestions you can collect at the CRAFTY meeting on people to
invite to the special session on 'Integrating Mathematics and Other
Disciplines' would be most helpful."

 * "The Effect of Calculus Reform on Student Performance
        in Subsequent Courses"
   Panel Discussion
   Ortganized by Jack Bookman, Susan Ganter, and Herbert Kasube.

 * "Forming A Crystal Ball for Calculus"
   Panel Discussion
   Organized by Don Small

   Three talks in this session will be co-sponsored by CRAFTY:
     "Calculus Reform: The Next Stage"
   Organized by Bill Barker and Naomi Fisher

 * "Integrating Mathematics and Other Disciplines"
   Contributed paper session
   Organized by Bill McCallum, Nicholas Losito, and Yajun Yang

 * "College Algebra Reform"
   Panel Discussion
   Organized by Don Small and Linda Kime
   Moderator: Don Small, U.S. Military Academy

 * "College Algebra Reform"
   Poster Session
   Organized by Don Small, Sarah Bush, and Eugene Taylor

3. Discussion of Tulane II Proposal.  A discussion with the following goals:

* Achieving agreement on the basic form of the written document,
* Laying out steps needed to bring the conference to reality,
* Identifying people willing to be major organizers,
* Identifying likely funding agencies,
* Setting a timetable for conference organizing efforts.

There should be a number of folks present at the CRAFTY meeting who are
experienced with conference funding and organization.  They will provide
much needed guidance.  The ultimate goal is to get CRAFTY out of the
talking stage and into the action stage!

4. Other business, if necessary.