Agendas for the CRAFTY meetings, January, 2000.
Meeting  1/19/00
Meeting 1/22/00

Agenda: 8:00am - 9:30am, Wednesday, January 19, 2000.

Primary Items: Curriculum Foundations Project

Contributed Papers for New Orleans

1. Approval or revision of minutes from Providence meeting, July 31, 1999.

2. Brief Reminder: San Antonio events sponsored or co-sponsored by CRAFTY:

Wed., 8:00-11:00,

Thurs., 8:00-11:00, 1:00-3:45.

Paper Session, "Integrating Mathematics and Other Disciplines,"

Organizers include Bill McCallum, David Lay, and Deborah Hughes Hallett

Thurs., 9:30-11:00

Panel, "A Facilitated Dialog on Teaching Reform Issues,"

Organized for CRAFTY & MER by Bill Davis

Thurs., 1:00-2:20

Panel, "What Does Algebra Mean in the Twenty-First Century,"

Organizers: Shelly Gordon and Linda Kime

Fri., 1:00-2:30

Panel, "Curricular Reforms in Client Disciplines:

Implications for Post-Calculus Mathematics,"

Organizers: Shelly Gordon and David Lay

Sat., 9:00-10:20

Panel, "Compromise and Calculus Reform: Calculus Reform in the Long Run,"

Organizers: Jack Bookman and Herb Kasube

3. Brief Report: CRAFTY Web Page:

Bill Barker

4. Curriculum Foundations Project/CUPM Curriculum Initiative

Bill Barker and Curriculum Foundations Planning Committee

Completed: Bowdoin Workshop (Physics and Computer Science)/Barker

USMA, West Point (Interdisciplinary)/Small

Upcoming: VCU (Health Sciences)/Haver

Possible:( Names and schools sites omitted) Business and Finance/ Engineering /  Mathematics Education

Hopes:  Mathematics for Graduate Training

Needs: Statistics and Operations Research/ Chemistry/ Quantitative Social Sciences

Debriefing on completed workshops / Advice for upcoming workshops.

Review list of workshops / Volunteers to organize workshops?

Review list of questions for the workshops.

Decisions on the Steering Committee.

Procedures for circulation, revision, and use of workshop reports.

Organization of Curriculum Conference / Interface with CUPM Initiative.

5. Discussion of possible Paper Sessions for New Orleans, January 2001

Our desire to organize paper sessions must be conveyed to the MAA Committee on Sessions of Contributed Papers PRIOR to their meeting on Saturday at 4:00pm.

Agenda: 3:30pm - 5:00pm, Saturday, January 22, 2000.

Primary Items: College Algebra/Pre-Calculus Initiatives

Curriculum Foundations Project (residual questions)

1. Curriculum Foundations Project/CUPM Curriculum Initiative

Bill Barker and Curriculum Foundations Planning Committee

Residual questions from Wednesday’s discussion.

2. College Algebra/Pre-Calculus Initiatives

Linda Kime / Don Small

Formation of a CUPM College Algebra Task Force?

Generate a report on current practice.

What should be learned in college algebra & pre-calculus?

Who should be involved?

How does this fit with the CUPM Curriculum Initiative?

3. Calculus Reform and Evaluation Initiatives

Herb Kasube / Jack Bookman / Susan Ganter

4. Client Disciplines Initiatives

Shelly Gordon

5. Linear Algebra / Differential Equations Initiatives

David Lay

6. Summary of CRAFTY Events for New Orleans in 2001

Bill Barker

7. Other business

8. Suggestions for future agenda items

Some possibilities:

Outreach to historically black colleges and universities

Distance learning and "electronic academic systems"