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Calculus Reform (and related) Projects
  1. Visual Calculus (Univ. of Tenn.)WOW! Now an almost complete collection of calculus (first year) tutorials with many excellent active and interactive features!
  2. Online Mathematics Tutorials at Harvey Mudd College! NEW... many excellent tutorials...Calc I-III, DE's, Linear Algebra.
  3. Calculus in Context (The Five College Consortium)
  4. Interactive Real Analysis (Seton Hall) A more sophisticated course but worth a look.
  5. Calculus and Mathematica
  6. The Calculus Consortium (at Harvard)
  7. Calculus, Concepts, Computers and Cooperative Learning (C4L)
  8. Project CALC (Duke)
  9. Calculus from Graphical, Numerical, and Symbolic Points of View (Ostebee and Zorn, St. Olaf College)
  10. JPCalculus The Java Powered Calculus Project (University of Southern Maine)
  11. Why Slopes and More Math, A Calculus Primer & Companion by A.Selby.
  12. The Interactive Textbook for PFP 98 (4 weeks! of Calculus and Physics from UPenn)
  13. Tutorial - Java Powered EXCELLENT on-line interactive tutorial - Java and Javascript resources. Many excellent real-world explanations and examples. (Hofstra University)
  14. From Projects to Themes: The Evolution of Calculus Classes at New Mexico State University
  15. Calculus@Internet
  16. calculus@internet (a service of WebPrimitives Cambridge, Mass)
  17. Calculus on the Web (Temple University- web problem sets/tutorials)
  18. Interactive Learning in Calculus and Differential Equations (IUP)
  19. Calculus Reform at Cornell
  20. The Connected Curriculum Project: Frank Wattenberg et al.'s grand vision of learning (including calculus) using the www. These three sites are co-linked as well.

  21. Connected Curriculum Project -- Duke
    Connected Curriculum Project -- Montana State
  22. Connected Curriculum Project -- Cal Poly
  23. Demonstration of materials that go with Edwards/Penney : Calculus, 5th Edition [Some nice animations and interactive features... much included of value in these demos using MathView.]
  24. Interactive Calculus Online (Brooks/Cole ITP resources-some interesting java demos)
  25. Calculus Modules OnLine (PWS OnLine Series) - Brooks/Cole Publishing Company
  26. Thomson Learning Mathematics Resources
Sources for Problems and other materials
    1. (new- 10-17-03)  SOS Mathematics - Calculus materials coviering the first year of calculus
    3. On-line assessment of basic skills (credits to John Orr at UNL)
    4. The Math Shop.... Hundreds of calculus problems from actuarial exams and more!
    5. Math 1002 calculus at University Of Aberdeen: Calculus Notes from Ian Craw.
    6. FHS Precalculus Study Page (Precalculus and some Calculus... mainly an on-line textual presentation)
    7. Alan Stein's Virtual Classroom (some interesting calculus materials for his courses)
    8. Karl's Calculus Tutor: worth a look...
    9. Alvirne's Calculus Home Page... [Great!!]
    10. Internet Center for Mathematics Problems
    11. IDEA - Internet Diff'l Eq'ns Activities
    12. ASU's ONE-STOP calculus WWW-server
    13. Calculus I @ USNA - includes projects
    14. Calculus II @USNA includes projects
    General information, resource lists, and discussion about Calculus Reform.
    1. Calc reform @ the FORUM
    2. THE CALCULUS PAGE (at UC Davis)- Excellent lists.
    3. Math Archives Calculus Resources On-Line
    4. Info about the AP Calculus exam including 1998 Syllabus
    5. Calculus Reform Discussion List: archive of postings
    6. AP Calculus Discussion List: archive of postings at Math FORUM.
    7. Dave Slomer's Calcu-Page (Be sure to look at the end of this page.)
    8. SimCalc Project: Simulations for Calculus Learning
    9. First year calculus courses at Australian and New Zealand Universities
    10. Reformed UM precalculus
    11. Old Dominion U's short list of Resources On-Line
    12. June '96: Symposium on Implementing Reform in Math, Engineering, and the ...
    13. The World Lecture Hall:Mathematics A list of math (calculus+) courses offered over the www.
    Online Technology related to calculus and pre-calculus
    1. WWW Interactive Mathematics Server- on-line and popup calculators [ A great resource!
    2. Calculus Java AppletsExcellent Java applets that dynamically illustrate calculus concepts.(International Education Software)
    3. The Math Shop Java Applets for calculus
    4. Trig Java AppletsExcellent Java applets that dynamically illustrate trigonometry.(International Education Software)
    5. Manipula Math with JAVA The most recent Java applets that dynamically illustrate concepts from International Education Software.
    6. D.E. Joyce's  short introduction to Trigonometry (java  and web based)
    7. The MathServ Calculus Toolkit Several tools are available to perform specialized calculations: Algebra  Functions  Graphing  Limits & Derivatives    Applications of the Derivative   Integrals. (Vanderbilt U. on-line resource using Mathematica)
    8. Mathematica Web Server Home Page: The MathServ Project: Includes the previous site and more!
    9. Automatic Calculus Derivatives and Integrals
    10. Do an Integral: Integrator using Mathematica- Thanks to Wolfram Research :)
    11. Numerical Integration Utility Graphs and computes left-, right-, trapezoid, and Simpson's rule sums(Hofstra University)
    12. Java Graphing Utility Java graphing utility on the web! Features multiple functions, trace, zoom, summation, parametric curves, and much more.(Hofstra University)
    13. GraphApplet1.0 (Java applet)  does much graphical and finds symbolic derivatives from Patrick Lundin
    14. Arizona State University Vector Field Java Microscope
    15. Matt's JAVA pages (Matthias Kawski's JAVA in mathematics)
    16. Eugene Serdiouk's Java Applets -  UCLA (many related 3 variables)
    17. A quick applet for sketching a surface or 2. Surface Plotter 1.2
    18. Calculus and VRML from Robert Curtis, Lee Wayand and Bill Davis.
    19. e-Calculus: A Calculus I tutorial (U of Akron)
    20. Visual Calculus (Univ. of Tenn.) An excellent collection using a variety of tools for most calculus topics.
    21. Cybermath (Many examples exploring high school and college math using MathView)
    22. Graphics for the calculus classroom
    23. Mathematics Animations (Lou Talman)...quicktime...examples from trig to singular surfaces, etc.
    24. WWW Interactive Mathematics Server- Interactive exercises
    25. On-Line Math Lessons at Washington State University
    DownloadTechnology related to calculus and pre-calculus
    1. Winplot and other neat freeware from Rick Parris (Excellent graphics for calculus through DE's)
    2. Mark Bridger's Function Visualizer software download []
    3. X(PLORE) for Windows
    4. MathWright Library
    5. MuPAD - the Open Computer Algebra System (a  powerful CAS available free to students and faculty)
    6. Mathematics Plotting Package- from USNA
    7. UM Math Gateway Test Software
    8. OrangeMath: Calculus related mac freeware
    9. ConvergeSoftware examples with slides - many illustrations of calculus concepts and concepts

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    Reference Materials - for searches and Quick Math Stuff
    1. Encyclopedia Britannica
    2. ## MathSearch Give this a try :-)
    3. The official WWW server index for Mathematics
    4. Index - MathSearch -- search a collection of mathematical Web
    5. Index - Useful Mathematics Internet Resources
    6. E-MATH home page
    7. ams-mathscinet
    8. MAA
    9. Mathematics Software
    10. Mathematics Archives
    11. On-line Mathematics Dictionary
    12. The Math Forum
    13. Ask dr. math



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