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  1. General Reference Materials - for searches, etc.

  2. Encyclopedia Britannica ... HSU Access only
  3. Speedy Phone numbers from
  4. ## Searching for someone.... many ways that are fast!
  5. ## HSU Library/Media Services Home Page
  6. ## HSU Library Catalogs
  7. ## Online books - Try this :). Text Only for faster information
  8. ## Barnes and Noble Book Search (Give this a try :)
  9. ## Book Stacks (Give this a try:) SEARCH
  10. ## AT&T 800 Directory
  11. EINet Web Search
  12. Search Inter-Links
  13. Inter-Links, Internet access made easy
  14. ## BigBook Home A new kind of yellow pages.
  15. sleuth: references to references about almost everything?
  16. PBS list of Subject Indexes and Search Tools
  17. Webcrawler.
  18. Yahoo: a reference list
  19. ##Tsunami: another reference list

    Quick Math Stuff  

  20. ## MathSearch Give this a try :-)
  21. The official WWW server index for Mathematics
  22. Index - MathSearch -- search a collection of mathematical Web
  23. Index - Useful Mathematics Internet Resources
  24. Alphabetical listing of all Math programs
  25. E-MATH home page
  26. ## SMAD school math reference pages- many excellent math links-well annotated!
  27. ams-mathscinet
  28. Combined Membership List (CML)
  29. MAA On-Line
  30. ##AMATYC home page
  31. Other Organizations
  32. Mathematics Software
  33. Mathematics Archives
  34. On-line Mathematics Dictionary
  35. Home PC
  36. The Math Forum
  37. ##Ask dr. math
  38. ##Grants
  39. The xxx mathematics archive, maintained at Los Alamos, front end at UC Davis

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  1. History:

  2. Web resources for the history of math (David Joyce)
  3. History of Mathematics (David Joyce)
  4. The British Society of History of Math web page
  5. Welcome page for History at St. Andrews- related to next entry..
  6. Mathematical MacTutor
  7. Canadian Math History and pedagaogy
  8. Mathematical Quotations
  9. ##MATH-HISTORY-LIST archives
  10. ##Mathweb-history from the AMS
  11. ##History of Mathematics Web Sites (maintained by C. Lindsey).
  12. History and pedagogy of Mathematics
  13. ##Biographies ofMathematicians
  14. ##History of mathematics (Trinity College)-includes some excellent primary resources
  15. Mathematical People-Bishop Berkeley's writings (Trinity College)
  16. Time Line of Complex Numbers
  17. ## A History of Equality (A.E. Young)
  18. ## A Brief History of Algebra and Computing (J. Bowen at Oxford)
  19. Antreas Hatzipolakis' Bookmarks (many on Math history)
  20. Antreas' PI page-- more than you'd ever want to know :)

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  1. General Math of interest (including Math Ed):

  2. TALUM-home page for Teaching And Learning Undergrad Math (UK)
  3. TALUM newsletter (UK)
  5. On the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics at University Level (ICMI Study)
  6. Thinking about Learning, Learning about Thinking - David Smith's Thoughts/ Experiences
  7. Tactics for Change (Education Research Center, 1972 -via D.Smith)
  8. ##Crossroads in Mathematics:AMATYC Standards (Complete Text!)
  9. CSC Mathematical Topics (Finland)
  10. utk-Announcements - newsletter
  11. Mathematics education list
  12. ## A. Selby's home page:much interesting stuff on education, logic, algebra, and more.
  13. ## EXTEND: Internet Forum on Mathematics Education
  14. ## AIMS Education Foundation (math/science materials and more!)
  15. ##MathSkills homepage- A British network on math education (Univerisity level)
  16. ##Reading Mathematical Definitions (Math Study skills-Ashley Reiter)
  17. ##Reading Mathematical Theorems (Math Study skills- Ashley Reiter)
  18. ##Proof Newsletter (and Bibliography) January/February 1997
  19. ##Current Proof Newsletter (and Bibliography)
  20. readings on Constructivism and allied issues.
  21. ## Dave Mathew's Course on Teaching Lower Division Mathematics at CMU
  22. CSC TopMath
  23. ## MER forum homepage
  24. ##What people are saying in opposition to Mathematics Education Reform In Southern California
  25. Internet Center for Mathematics Problems
  26. Lessons and Appetizers for Math and Logic
  27. Mathematical Poster and Model Contest at WSU (School Level)
  28. visualization course at UM
  29. Mathematics trivium page- weekly problems from Arnold's problem list with solutions
  30. Situation Puzzles
  31. Par adoxes and Logic Puzzles
  32. logic web site in Bonn, Germany
  33. Association for Symbolic Logic
  34. LogicAL: An excellent resource for links.
  35. CORDIC article
  36. ## Math at the movies..
  37. ## Math-Net Links Homepage
  38. ## Math-Net: The Mathematical Museum
  39. ## Math-Net
  40. ## Math-Web
  41. ## Math Resources on the Web (Univ. of Wisconsin) Contents
  42. ## AMATYC TiMEs HomePage
  43. ## Center for Science and Mathematics Teaching
  44. ## Cornell Math and Science Gateway for Grades 9-12
  45. ## Math and Science Centers Network
  46. ## Mathematical Sciences Education Board
  47. ## Rural Math Connections Project
  48. ## Women in Math Project at U of Oregon (Resources and Connections)
  49. ##The CHANCE database -Chance events from daily newspaper.
  50. ## Archives for mathedu discussion list on post-calculus teaching and learning
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  2. * Go to Econ Data & Links -- A UNIQUE listing of current data and links.

    Tools for writing HTML, etc.

  3. ## Mini-course on Internet Math Resources/Math Archives (AMATYC/J. St. Clair)
  4. GNN's Home Page Construction Kit
  5. HTML Quick Reference
  6. How to write HTML
  7. WWW Icons
  8. ## How Do They Do That With HTML?

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  1. Education related (non-math)

  2. Prob.solving course
  3. United States
  4. Publishing (General Products and Services)
  5. Creative books

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  1. General reference- news, etc.:

  2. Today ...and more
  3. Time Daily News Summary
  4. MCI News Summary
  5. News
  6. NewsPage.
  7. The White House
  8. U.S. Library of Congress
  9. Explore PBS' Beginners Guide to the Internet
  10. Scientific American
  11. Scientific American -current issue
  12. Zipcode Server (maps address to 9-digit zip code)
  13. USPS ZIP+4 Lookup Form

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  1. ## Weather, Earthquakes, etc.:

  2. ## Eureka weather from INTELLiCast
  3. ## California Weather Forecasts and Warnings
  4. National Weather
  5. California
  6. ## Water Conditions in California -
  7. Current Streamflow Conditions at Selected Sites in California
  8. ## river, flood, and weather information- California
  9. ## World Wide Web Earthquake Locator
  10. ## World-Wide Earthquake Locator
  11. ## Earthquake information from UC Berkeley
  12. ## Latest significant earthquake in Northern California.
  13. ##Oregon Road Reports
  14. ##California Road Reports
  15. ## Ski Report from Intellicast via NBC News.
  16. Skiing Resources on the Internet

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General interest - These may keep you amused or enlightened in your spare time :)

  1. ##Daily Poem from Book Stacks
  2. Best of the Web
  3. Math Topics for freetime!
  4. Dynamite Site of the Night
  5. Mediocre Site of the Day
  6. Geek Site of the Day
  7. Most Annoying Pages
  8. The Goons
  9. Cool Site of The Day
  10. Previous Cool Sites
  11. Internet Art Museums
  12. Uncle Bob's Kids Page
  13. Doctor Science- He's not really a doctor, but he has a master's degree.. in science.
  14. ## The Centre for the Easily Amused
  15. ## The Mad Scientist Network
  16. ## First Church of the Easily Amused
  17. ## Random Silliness
  18. ## Sites That Do Stuff
  19. SmilieDictionary

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InterNet sources of HP48 related topics.

  1. The HPShell Page
  2. Tom Wellige's HP48 page
  3. HP48 WWW Server
  4. John's Cool HPLand
  5. WWW HP48 Archive
  6. C. Lime's HP48 Page ** - many annotations included.
  7. HP48 Land
  8. HP48 Club Milano (Italy)
  9. Bode Plot Homepage (Austria)
  10. Jay Cee HP48 Archive Index (Switzerland)
  11. Maarten's Calculator Page (Netherlands)
  12. What's New HP48 (Brussels)
  13. HP 48G/GX Calculator Family Main Welcome Page
  14. HP48 Club Milano - Home Page
  15. Jeffrey Thieleke at UIowa's HP-48 Page
  16. HP48SX/GX Music Player
  17. HP48 Head Quarter's Page
  18. Hewlett Packard's WWW page
  19. The HP Museum

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  1. Going for a trip? Hotels, Air,...

  2. lodging companys and groups
  3. Find Hotel and even more !
  4. United Airlines Flight Information
  5. Horizon Air Flight Information
  6. Travel Information
  7. Air Travel Manager- free Windows software for travel
  8. ITN *Travel Information/flight schedules
  9. Virtual Tourist 
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  1. Want to be entertained? TV, Movies,...

  2. TV1-tv listings (needs good graphic interface)
  3. Call Usher (to find out about films)
  5. KMUD's homepage 
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  1. Music- Lyrics and more .. ... .. ... .. ...

  2. Guitar Music Archive: tablatures
  3. University of Wisconsin-Parkside Lyrics Archive
  4. Search for lyrics on International Lyrics Server
  5. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum
  6. Smithsonian Folkways
  7. The Beatles!
  8. alt.rock-n-roll.oldies
  9. Tom Lehrer 
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  1. New- unsorted and unclassified sites: Use at your own risk!

  2. WebRunner Home Page - Sun's HotJava
  3. Jill's Possible Resources for HSU Courses
  4. American Universities
  5. State of the World
  6. ZD (Ziff-Davis Publishing) Net Home Page
  7. Brandeis University
  8. Preparing for a New Calculus
  9. UM Math Gateway Test Software
  10. UM Math gateway testing discussion & samples
  11. The Institute for Chemical Education (ICE)
  13. SITO - Mathematical Art Gallery
  14. Communications in Visual Mathematics
  15. Fractals
  16. Publishers
  17. Bibliographies
  18. Geometry articles
  19. SprintLink Home Page
  21. The Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project
  22. The Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project
  24. Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics
  25. Euclid's Voyage, Rev. 2
  27. The Calendar & Date Zone
  28. AMS Meetings and Conferences

    Flashman's and other people (friends?) I know with web pages (still not classified )

  29. ## Stuart Flashman ... Right now this is about Stu and the law... BUT Stu says, "This is just a start," so look for something better maybe by August--now that he has a new member of his family :). Congratulations Stu and Jacqui!
  30. Roberta Weinshenker.. Okay... Roberta had this page set up by her son Beryl, but it does give you information about what she's doing. I'm sure it will improve when she takes a more active role in its design.
  31. Rick Flashman at Mount Holyoke College
  32. Jodie Flashman 

    Okay... That's all for now.... If you still have the energy you can now go to the Flashman Home Page See ya' later. ;-}

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    Most Recent Unclassified!!

  33. ICC (Computer Chess w/ people!
  35. LOGIN for chess
  36. The Legal List
  37. Ian's
  39. The Mathematics On-Line Bookshelf
  40. Revolutuions in Mathematics by Donald Gillies
  41. Quantitative Literacy Report (MAA) Table of Contents
  42. Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
  43. MBone... What is it and much more!! c|net Centeral
  44. Give your eyes something to scream about. S3d. Click Here.
  45. Internet Center for Mathematics Problems
  46. THe World Lecture Hall:Mathematics
  47. Download Netscape.
  48. HomeBanking- Bank of America-general info
  49. The MegaMath page
  50. Michigan State University Math Dept. some interesting links.
  51. Some games - you need Netscape 2.0 for these.
  52. Check Availability for shasta
  53. Mt. Shasta / Mount Shasta Home Page
  54. McCloud Hotel (McCloud)
  55. Mt. Shasta Ski
  56. David Meredith @ sfsu ... X(PLORE)
  57. X(PLORE) for Windows
  58. Victor Eijkhout's stuff... very interesting stuff indeed
  59. wsu math faculty: david barnes home page
  60. Mathematics at WSU: an inventory.
  61. Learning over the Internet
  62. MathWright Library
  63. G. Stoudt's course in history of mathematics using original sources in class
  64. G. Stoudt's (IUP) list of websites
  65. Flight Information and Reservations (YAHOO)
  66. Crossroads in Mathematics (AMATYC, 1995)[Standards on-line]
  67. CNET.COM- connections in many directions
  68. The MegaMath page from Los Alamos Nat'l Lab.
  69. Michigan State University Math Dept. some interesting links.
  70. G. Stoudt's (IUP) list of websites
  71. Internet Center for Mathematics Problems
  72. Fractals
  73. CalWest (ISP) Information
  74. History of Mathematics sites (annotated by David Calvis)
  75. Flatland - The full text!
  76. Fred Rickey's Home Page- much history ... plus...
  77. The Measurers: a Flemish Image of Mathematics in the Sixteenth
  78. calwest software download for Windows 3.1
  79. calwest download of software HERE
  80. calwest software 3.1[LINK]
  81. Interactive math software for school math
  82. CenterArts
  83. Symbolic Sculptures and Mathematics (Ronald Brown)
  84. Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics (U of Wales, Bangor)
  85. Exhibition : Mathematics and Knots (U of Wales, Bangor)
  86. British Topology Homepage - an interesting connection to much geometric and algebraic topology.
  87. Juggling Mathematician Ronald l.Graham
  88. CIAC Internet Hoaxes Page (take as authority ;-} ).
  89. Internet Hoaxes and some advice.
  90. MATH-abundance- Many topics outlined, including Linear algebra and calculus.
  92. Atlantic Monthly, The
  93. cryptology (Brittanica access needed)
  94. Cryptology (B access needed)
  95. Orlando Meetings: Calculus Reform
  96. ASU's ONE-STOP calculus WWW-server
  97. Merton College:viola-jokes
  98. Calculus I @ USNA - includes projects
  99. Calculus II @USNA includes projects
  100. Mathematics Plotting Package- from USNA
  101. 500 Songs That Shaped Rock And Roll
  102. Course lists/enrollments for mathematics- Fall,1997
  103. TechWeb: The Rematch
  104. [LINK] Richard Felder's effective learning pages
  105. Math Virtual Library
  106. IDEA - Internet Diff'l Eq'ns Activities
  107. Euclid's Elements (from Perseus project-Heath comments and Greek!)
  108. HSU Library's History of Math List
  109. OrangeMath: Calculus related mac freeware
  110. -Australian Math Society Web Site.
  111. First year calculus courses at Australian and New Zealand Universities
  112. Unsolved Mathematics Problems from MathSoft
  113. Favorite Mathematical Constants from MathSoft
  114. Math Puzzle Page from MathSoft and MIT
  115. Math in Action from MathSoft
  116. Varieties of Mathematical Prose by Atish Bagchi and Charles Wells
  117. Download UCALC evaluation copy
  118. How To Get WebCT (Course building tools- beta testing)
  119. School Math (SMARD) Home Page- Australian
  120. A Brief History of Algebra and Computing by J.P. Bowen (Oxford)
  121. Catalogue of Algebraic Systems (From Univ. of San Francisco)
  122. Field theory and polynomials 12
  123. Commutative rings and algebras 13
  124. Discrete Structures (Universitdt Bayreuth)
  125. Modern Algebra resources from the Math Forum.
  126. University of Oregon Hillel
  127. UC Berkeley Hillel
  128. San Francisco Hillel
  129. University of Washington Hillel
  130. Flashman Papers Page (Sir Harry- of course ;})
  131. TIME Daily (new location)
  132. Larry Copes "novel approach" to abstract algebra
  133. Mathematical investigations at Augsburg College (L. Copes).
  134. World-wide Internet Live Music
  135. Guitar Amps
  136. Communications in Visual Mathematics(an on-line MAA journal?)
  137. Great America: General Park Info
  138. Van der Waerden's Modern Algebra (article by S. Mac Lane)
  139. Abstract Algebra OnLine
  140. What is a Number?, by A. Bogomolny
  141. Favorite Mathematical Constants. Great starter by Steven Finch
  142. Zimaths homepage (an on-line math journal from Zimbabwe)
  143. Tangram Software (shareware) by S. T. Han
  144. Kol Nidre Service Tucker, Richard Cass.
  145. CRIME (Centre for Research in Math. Ed.) Home Page
  146. Current Puzzle from Math Dept. Illinois State Univ.
  147. Index - U.S. Depository Ready Reference Sources
  148. Tesselations Home Page(A commercial link)
  149. Topology Atlas- A resource page for what's happenning in topology.
  150. An Article of great interest by D. Tall on math and cognition.
  151. MATH 558, Foundations of Mathematics I atPenn State
  152. e-Calculus: A Calculus I tutorial (U of Akron)
  153. Karl's Calculus Tutor: worth a look...
  154. JPCalculus The Java Powered Calculus Project
  155. Callahan, et al., Calculus in Context
  156. Calculus in Context