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Illustrating Desargues' Theorem with a
            3-D Model.

My Schedule: Spring, 2014
Math 103 Contemporary Mathematics (2)    25870   MW    15:00-16:20   KA_102
Math 109  Calculus I      22550    MTRF    12:00-12:50    ART A_027
Math 210  Calculus III  22574      MTRF    10:00-10:50    FH_177
Office hours: See Table
  and by appointment or chance.
Time Monday
8:30-9:30AM    Appointments     Appointments   Appointments
10:00AM Math 210
FH 177
Math 210
FH 177
 No Appointments Math 210
FH 177
Math 210
FH 177
11:00AM    No Appointments  
12:00PM Math 109
Art A 027
Math 109
Art A 027
  Math 109
Art A 027
Math 109
Art A 027
1:00PM Office Hour
BSS 346
  Office Hour
BSS 346
2:00PM  No Appointments     No Appointments Shared Office Hour
BSS 308?
3:00PM Math 103
KA 102    (4:20)

Shared Office Hour
BSS 308?
Math 103
KA 102    (4:20)

Shared Office Hour
BSS 308?
4:00PM Shared Office Hour
BSS 308?
 Math Dept. Colloquium

Find out about the Sensible Calculus Program.
Recent (and not so Recent)Stuff  [Papers/Presentations/etc.]
"The Role of Philosophy in Proof:Euclid's Proof of Proposition One.", Folsom Lake Math Club March 19, 2014 YouTube (30 minutes)
"A Sensible Approach to Calculus: Differential Equations, Estimation, and Modelling in The Fundamental Theorem.",Sacramento Valley Community College Mathematics Conference, March 15, 2014 (pdf)    YouTube Part I       YouTube Part II
"The Role of Philosophy in Proofs",HSU Colloquium, Feb 27, 2014 . YouTube (30 minutes)
"Making Sense of Series and Sequences in The First Calculus Course."JMM, Baltimore, MD. January 18, 2014
"Functions, Duality, and Mapping Diagrams" Folsom Lake College Math Club Presentation, Dec. 11, 2013, Folsom, CA.
"Visualizing Linearity:Alternatives to Lines and Planes"  Sacramento City College, Dec. 10, 2013.

"Functions, Duality, and Mapping Diagrams" Howard University Presentation, December 2, 2013, Washington, DC.
"Concepts to Drive Technology in the 21st Century" (html),  ComputerBasedMath ™(YouTube Video) (CBM) Education Summit, UNICEF, NYC, Nov.22 ,2013.
"Functions, Duality, and Mapping Diagrams" Forty-Second Annual State of Jefferson Mathematics Congress October 5, 2013, Orick, CA
"Logic is Not Epistemology:Should Philosophy Play a Larger Role in Learning about Proofs?" MathFest, Hartford, CT, August 2, 2013
"A Simple Proof of the Classification of Conics by the Discriminant ," MathFest, Hartford, CT, August 2, 2013
"Projection: Examples to Illuminate Unification, Generalization, and Abstraction."  HSU Colloquium, March 28, 2013
"Designing an Introduction to Proofs Course Understanding the Problem: Unification, Generalization or Abstraction?" JMM. San Diego, January 10, 2013 (pdf)
"The Benefits of A Habit: Examining Evidence to Understand Statements and Proofs." JMM. San Diego, January 12, 2013 (pdf)
"Learning from Newton" (pdf) HPM, Berkeley, CA 10-28-2012
Utah Workshop Materials:(1) Mapping Diagrams and (2) Sensible Calculus, July, 2012
"Square Roots: Adding Philosophical Contexts and Issues to Enhance Understanding." JMM, New Orleans, January 8, 2011 (pdf)
 "Two Different Approaches to Getting Students Involved in Writing Proofs ." JMM, New Orleans, January 07, 2011 (pdf)
Personal Stuff: A resume.(pdf) ; A biographical sketch.
HSU Pre-Law Advising Homepage  [I am one of the HSU Pre-Law Advisers]

POM SIGMAA (Philosophy of Mathematics) Find out more about this Special Interest Group of the MAA. 
HOM SIGMAA (History of Mathematics) Find out more about this Special Interest Group of the MAA.


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