HSU Mathematics Department Colloquium
March 3, 2016
Complex Variables: Mapping Diagrams for 
Visualizing Complex Arithmetic and Functions
Dynamically with GeoGebra

Part I
Mapping Diagrams for Real Functions
Complex Arithmetic
Part II
Complex Functions
Part III
Calculus for Complex Functions

Martin Flashman
Professor of Mathematics
Humboldt State University



Abstract: Mapping diagrams provide a valuable tool for visualizing complex variable arithmetic and functions. Using GeoGebra, I will demonstrate with dynamic diagrams important properties of complex arithmetic and functions. Examples will include complex multiplication and division, linear and linear fractional functions, and some calculus concepts. No prior knowledge of complex arithmetic and functions will be presumed.
Background and References to other work on Mapping Diagrams for real variables ¤


Mapping Diagrams from A(lgebra) B(asics) to C(alculus) and D(ifferential) E(quation)s.
A Reference and Resource Book on Function Visualizations Using Mapping Diagrams

The Sensible Calculus Program