ArizMATYC/MAA Southwestern Section

Joint Conference @ ASU Polytechnic Campus

Friday, April 1, 2022
1:40 pm - 2:30 pm
"Visualizing Linear and Nonlinear Functions
and Transformations of Several Variables
with Mapping Diagrams "
GeoGebra Book:

Sections from MD from A B to C and DE (Drafts) Visualizing Functions: An Overview
Linear Functions (LF)
Quadratic Functions(QF)

GeoGebra (on-line)
"Mapping Diagrams Visualizing Functions and Equation Solutions:
From Algebra Basics to Real and Complex Analysis."
(GeoGebra Book)
"Linear Algebra & Mapping Diagrams: Old & New Visualizations" (GeoGebra Book)
YouTube Videos

Using Mapping Diagrams to Visualize Linear Functions (10 Minutes)

Solving Linear Equations Visualized with Mapping Diagrams.
(10 Minutes)

Using Mapping Diagrams to Understand Functions  AMATYC Webinar October, 2013 (YouTube)

14th International Congress on Mathematical Education, "MAPPING DIAGRAMS: FUNCTION VISUALIZATION OF REAL AND COMPLEX ANALYSIS AND MATRIX ALGEBRA", Shanghai, July 14, 2021. Topic Study Group 23 Visualization in the teaching and learning of mathematics (GeoGebra Book includes Paper) (On YouTube)

Using Mapping Diagrams to Understand Functions

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