Martin Flashman's on-line math chat.

This is an experimental version of a chat page for on-line math chat.

To sign on: Entering your name in the lower section of the chat box.
You may leave by typing   .quit  on the same line.
If I'm not in, why not call or send me a message? ,
Phone me for help at my office (826-4950), or send e-mail: Martin Flashman.
You can use
My Guestbook and Office Message Board to leave a comment about my web site.

Below is a list of commands to use after you make a connection to my math chat room.. 
.quit This command terminates your connection with the chat server.
.help Gives you the help page of the chat server.
.me If you type in .me <action> where <action> is an emotion, or action, it emotes, as in Freud sleeps, etc.
.msg If you type in .msg <nick> <message> where <nick> is the other person's nickname, and the message is some kind of message, it will send that person a private message.
.who Gives you a list of the people in my math chat room.
.whois If you type in .whois <nick> where <nick> is the other user's nickname, it will give you information about that user.