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Example:  Graph and Mapping Diagram

 Exploring with a spreadsheet .

 Example: LF.DA.0  with GeoGebra .

Theorem: LF.COMP. :
For any $m$ and $b$, $f(x)=mx+b$ if and only if
                                        $f=f_{+b}∘f_m$ where $f_m(x)=m∗x$ and  $f_{+b}(x)=x+b$. 
Example: LF.COMP.3  with SAGE [and GeoGebra].

Example: LF.DFP  with GeoGbra

 Example:  LF.INV.3   with SAGE.
 Example:  LF.DINV.0  with GeoGebra .

Example: LF.DLEQ.0  with GeoGebra

Example: MFC.0   with GeoGebra

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