The following is a draft web page template
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the statewide IMPAC Conference, May 6, 2006.

The web page is for use by UC or CSU Math Departments in designing a campus specific web page
with information specific to the concerns of  prospective transfer students planning to major in a math department related area.

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Advice to Prospective Students
Preparing to Transfer with a Mathematics Related Major

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General concerns

Specific concerns

Preparing for a Mathematics Major. Calculus
General Education Requirements Geometry and Proof
Mathematical Maturity Courses besides Calculu

Preparing for a Mathematics Major:
What to do to prepare for the major.

As soon as you recognize you want to transfer and major in a Mathematics related subject you should work closely with the math faculty and counselors at your college to design a program that will transfer to ( insert your university name).

You can use the Assist website ( to find mathematics courses at your college that are equivalent to the mathematics major lower division courses at (insert your university name).

Also, as soon as possible talk to an adviser at the (insert your university name here) Math Department.
Call (xxx) xxx-xxxx, or else e-mail us by clicking here. (edit this link to give an appropriate e-mail address).

Click here to see our requirements for transfer in Mathematics. (edit this link to give an appropriate url for your page of major requirements- or include those here or later on this web page.).

Click here to see descriptions of our courses. (edit this link to give an appropriate url for your course descriptions)

General Education

In preparing to transfer, you should take as many lower division mathematics course requirements for the math major as possible. This may require careful selection of general education courses, taking only the minimum number of General Education courses to fulfill requirements.

Mathematical Maturity

Mathematical maturity is usually connected to the capability to read and write mathematical proofs. You need to develop this ability for work in many upper division courses in mathematics. So you need to develop familiarity with proofs in your work prior to trasnfer.
Some places you can develop this familiarity:

(edit this to your own specific suggestion)

It's best for you to complete the full scientific/engineering style calculus sequence (usually 3 semesters or 4-5 quarters) prior to transfer to (insert your University name). If this is not possible then you should take at least one full year (2 semesters or 3 quarters) of calculus. If you split calculus between your college and the university,  you may miss some important concepts. Having only one term of calculus may result in some duplication and a less than optimal transfer of credit for the woork you have completed prioir to transfer.

Geometry and Proofs

You should be familiar with geometric concepts and proofs, at least at the level of high school geometry. You may gain this familiarity as part of these courses:

Courses besides Calculus

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