Local Mathematics IMPAC Meeting
Sacramento State University
University Union Building, Delta Suite
Tentative Agenda
revised : 10 -28-05

Date: November 5, 2005
9:30 am to 3:30 pm

9:30 a.m.        Breakfast Reception
9:45    Morning Session
12:15 p.m.  -1:15     Lunch
1:30 p.m.         Afternoon Session  
3:30 p.m.         Adjournment

Main Topics for Discussion:

I. Mathematics Community
II. Math Courses

1       Preliminaries.
1.1     Introductions
1.2     Background
1.2.1 Review of the 
2004-2005 Annual Report   Recommendations
1.1.2    Related Agenda  and Information    ASSIST Developments   UC: Transfer Major Preparation UC Davis report on transferring to UCD    CSU:  Lower Division Transfer Patterns (LDTP) in Mathematics. LDTP Course Numbering CSU Reports on transferring to CSU Chico, Sac. SU, HSU    Integrated Math Secondary Credential Programs [Information only]    Liberal Studies Mathematics Courses     The memos [Information only.]
1.1.3    Mathematics Community Related Recommendations
1.1.4    Course Related Recommendations
1.1.5    Opportunity to add to revise agenda plan before we proceed.
1.2.6  Requests: What other disciplines would like from the mathematics at the CC's.[Business?]
Are there disciplines we would like to contact?

  Mathematics Community Improvement Recommendations
2.1    Break down into groups: Make lists of suggestions. Grouped by interest- Problems with articulation?
2.1.1    Organizational Recommendations. What is happening? What more should be done?
2.1.2    University and College Recommendations.What is happening? What more should be done?
2.1.3    Reports and general discussion of recommendations

2.2    Organizational Recommendations
2.2.1    The ASSIST Web Page Exploring Majors Page:
    http://www2.assist.org/Welcome.do Suggestions to improve ASSIST resource.
2.2.2    The IMPAC Math Web Page
2.2.3    Models for Intersegmental Community Building: University Hubs and Inter-university cooperation. Intersegmental Math Councils 
[See Notes for IMC activities.] Math Day(s) for CC students sponsored by CMC^3, CMC^3-S with participation from CSU and UC departments encouraged. Northern California Undergraduate Mathematics Conference  (Sonoma State)
2.3    University and  College Recommendations
        Report from Universities?
2.3.1    Rec. 1. Transfer Coordinators.
2.3.2    Rec. 2. Transfer Web Page
[See Notes for Transfer Web Page.]
2.3.3    Rec. 3. Keeping ASSIST Current.
2.3.4    Rec. 4  Course Information

3    Math Course Related Recommendations  
3.1    LDTP Numbering organization.
3.1.1    Brief  History of CAN CAN Course Descriptions for Mathematics:(.html version)  (.pdf version)
The current (11-7-04) descriptions of  mathematics courses that are part of the CAN system. Descriptions from September_2002(pdf only)
In September, 2002, a group of mathematicians proposed these revisions to the CAN descriptions. These revisions have not proceeded further.    Linear Algebra Recommendation
3.1.2 Current status of LDTP Numbering for Mathematics    

3.2    Bridge Course Recommendations.
3.2.1 Report on Mathematics “Bridge” [proof] courses  for IMPAC.
By Cynthia Stubblebine, Chabot College 2-18-05 (pdf version).
3.2.2 Campuses that offer a bridge course in the Summer.

3.2.2 Report on Proposal(s)  for California Intersegmental Mathematics Bridge Summer Program(s)

3.3 Linear Algebra Discussion-
An open discussion of what colleges and universities are doing in linear algebra courses. Bring your catalog descriptions, course outlines, objectives, syllabi, exams, etc. for a  lively and informative session on what we do in teaching this course.

3.4    Service courses for education. (lower division/upper division)
    Courses designed for teacher preparation and “Liberal Studies”
3.5  Statistics Courses- with or without computer/calculator stat software.

4    New business!

4.1   Alternative locations? CMC3/MAA CA section meetings
4.2    E-mail communications/conference
4.3    Statewide IMPAC Math coordinating committee?

5    Notes for Transfer Web Page
5.1    Possible Information to include on a local transfer web page./catalog/ brochure
5.2    Department requirements
5.3    Department articulation agreements
5.4    Department recommendations
5.5    Department contacts
5.6    Take a look at this web page from Cal Poly SLO

  Notes for Intersegmental Math Council Activities
6.1    Early advising from U faculty
6.2    U faculty visits to CC's
6.3    Math fair for CC / Pre majors- students- speakers from U's
6.4    Math clubs
6.5    Math competitions
6.6    Connections with MAA, AMATYC, CMC3, AMS?
6.7    Shared events- invitations
6.8    Special events for faculty
6.9    Involvement in changes

Northern California Undergraduate Mathematics Conference
When:                April 8, 2006
Where:         Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA
Who:         Undergraduates from Northern California (and their faculty sponsors)
What:         Participation and presentations on all areas of mathematics including applications to other disciplines.

 The Sonoma State University Mathematics Department is inviting undergraduate mathematics students from Northern California to participate in an undergraduate mathematics conference. In this conference, undergraduates will have the opportunity to present and attend 15-minute talks about projects that they are working on. These projects could include undergraduate research projects, independent study projects, or any other independent work they are doing that goes beyond the standard course curriculum. The conference will conclude with an invited talk by  John Martin  tailored toward undergraduate math students.

Students from all years of study are encouraged to participate and give presentations on any area of mathematics, including applications to other disciplines. While we do hope that many students will give a talk, we welcome all students to attend, as well as all faculty.

 CONFERENCE SUPPORT:   The Northern California Undergraduate Mathematics Conference is partially funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and is administered through the  
Mathematical Association of America   (through DMS-0241090).