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Okay! You managed to find this page...But it's still not finished. [It may never be finished.]

Latest major changes: June 23, 1997.

My web surfing aids :)

Find out about the Sensible Calculus Program.

My first attempt at a JavaSketch.... One variable controlling two...a familiar skecth annimated.

"Dynamic Visualization of Calculus." Outline of presentation. An HSU Math Dept. Colloquium, Sept. 18, 1997.

"Differential Equations: A Motivating Theme for Sensible Calculus."
An unpublished paper related to one theme of the Sensible Calculus. I welcome your comments on it.

Here's a draft of what the CRAFTY homepage might include.

The boilerplate DISCLAIMER :}

A brief biographical sketch. [Just a start :)].

A short resume. [Just 'nother start :)].

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