Martin Flashman's Courses- Math 105 Fall, 2005
Mathematics as a Liberal Art
Project Proposal Guidelines and Suggestions
The Project. Each student will participate in a course project as a part of a team. Each team will have three or four members. These projects will be designed with assistance from myself and the course assistants. The quality of the project will be used for determining letter grades above the C level. Ideas for projects
will be discussed during the third week.
Preliminary Project Proposals should be submitted for first review by 5 p.m., October 7th.
Projects should be submitted for grading by Wednesday, December 7th before 5 P.M.

A Project Fair will be organized for displays and presentations during the last day of class. Details will be discussed later.

Guidelines for Preliminary Proposals:

Pictures of some previous HSU projects from Spring, 2004.
Some Final Projects from Tom Banchoff's courses at Brown University and elsewhere.

Results of Brainstorming and other suggestions from previous courses :)

 Fall 2005 at Oxy:
The golden ratio
Tiling patterns of gems, floors, roofs,  architecture,  fashion, wallpaper design
3d tiling
MC Escher
optical illusions

symmetries in -Advertisement, nature (pine cones, flowers, zebras), food- (decorating, catering), Oxy, music (songs, guitars), sports, logos, body  Japanese art,  Buddhist art, animals (camouflage)
price and complexity of tilings
Pictures of Tangram puzzles
Proving Pythagorean Theorem
geometric art
The coloring problem
Plato's cave

Patterns in supermarket displays, dance
Flatland sequel (4d)

Spring 2005 at HSU:
Geometric computer graphics of a song
geometric pottery Stainedwindow with geometric design tesselation with music notes
tesselation with things found in nature
quilt with "cool" fabric
photograph buildings, streets, clothing, things in nature w/ geometric patterns
tesselation with things found in nature
quit with "cool" fabric
geometric problems

photograph buildings, streets, clothing, things in nature w/ geometric patterns
religious studies
ceramic tilings (game)
map of Flatland
Game of Flatland with ceramic tiles
The Mayan calendar
Blueprint and landscape architecture
Symmetry of a car (inside and out)
Juggling and Knots
geometric shape of building (Mainly sports)
Symmetry and structural  integrity
checkers- board games
diversity of dimension

Fibonacci and shapes in nature
Build a geometrical piece of furniture
a mosaic
Ceramic puzzles and tesselations
Comedy (any sort)
Photo collage
Compare and Contrast
Model (3d puzzle) paper mache or clay
tesselation Tree
fractal quilt
crochet coasters "tesselation style"
a "paint by numbers" coloring page

make a bicycle
stained glass
bridgemaking (architecture)
vatican making
drug lab
a giant tesselation
book of tangrams

photo documentary w/ Flatland perspective
Make a geometry game
Build a picture from polygons
"I just want to dance"
A color pattern using only four colors
Geometric shapes and atterns in a room or house.
visual illusions
Escher  write up
puzzle with spirograph
fibonacci sequence
Display with illustrations of formulas and tangrams, etc.
Shapes, angles, etc. in everyday things (aka buildings, bridges)
A play
A children's play
"Flatland" the movie
musical numbers

solar oven and it's mathematical principles
build three dimensional shapes
power point performance
elaborate on Flatland with funny articles
mandala - artwork