Tuesday,  April 4

Transforming surfaces: "turning the sphere inside out." video

FAPP Similarity Video
    Similarity and Editing- font size applications.

Rubber band activity.
Wingeometry similarity.
Arithmetic and Geometric Series.
        Adding ... 
Application to economics.

Seeing the infinite... small and large.

How many points are there on a line segment? Can you count them all?

Any list (possibly infinite) of points in a given segment of a euclidean line will not have every point in that segment on the list.

Note  that we can make a list of points corresponding to the rational numbers once a unit length had been established. 
1/4, ....

What is a curve? 
Curves and approximations of curves by line segments and polygons.

Regular Polygons and the circle.
The length of a curve.

Infinite curves: The snowflake.
Activity on snowflakes.
Space filling curves.