Thursday,  April  13, 2006
  More on Infinity, Rates, and Slopes

Recall from last class:

Arithmetic growth:  2, 7, 12, 17, 22, ...
Formula: A (x)  = 5x + 2;  Y(x) = mx + b,  m>0
Geometric growth: 2, 10, 50 , 250, 1250, 6250,
Formula: P(n)  = 2*5n   ; P(x) = A r
x ,   r>1.
For each type of growth, when x > > 0.

Infinite curves: The snowflake.
Activity on snowflakes.
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Space filling curves.

Other examples using approximations- measurements of curves and surfaces:
Archimedes: The area of the circle- the area of a triangle.
Kepler: The volume of a torus- the volume of a cylinder.

Growth Rates: m - linear, r - exponential.
Graphing and rates: slopes of lines, approximating curves with lines. 
slope of straight line:
    m =  (change in y)/(change in x)
Motion: time: t ; position:s 
constant and average velocity:
    v = (change in s)/(change in t)
Questions: What if line is curved?
What if motion does not proceed at constant velocity?

Example: What line does the graph of  y = x2 look like near (3,9).

Two related measurement concepts: