MATH 210 Calculus III
Fall, 1997 MWF 12:40 -1:50 P.M. UANX 150 / SD 017
Course Problem of the Week (sometimes with hints, etc.)

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Last updated: 9/3/97

Math 210 Problem of the Week.

    Due Wednesday, Sept. 10, Sept. 24, ... at 4 p.m.

    Bi-Weekly "Team Summary Report"
    Summary of the work. Every 2 weeks.
    You will be allowed to use these reports at the final examination.
    Instructions: Your team's summary should contain lists and exposition related primarily to your understanding (as opposed to my lectures). You may compose the exposition in a format of your own design.
    Here are some things your report might contain: Feedback: (optional) Discuss your reaction to the in-class work/lectures or assignments. Here is your opportunity to make suggestions on how you, I, and/or the class might change our interactions to improve communication.
    Problem of the Week:
    Due Wednesday, Sept. 17
    Estimating Solutions to Parametric Differential Equations.
    Read problem 12 on page 597 of Stewart. Do parts a and b.
    Read pages 971-2 on Euler's method together with materials from Flashman an Euler's method (Math 109 or Math 110).
    Suppose x(0)=100 and y(0)=10 in problem 12. Estimate x(4) and y(4) using Euler's method with n=4 with the following choices for the constants a,b,k, and r. In each case discuss the quality of your estimate and the relation of these to part a and b ot the problem.
    (i) a = b = 1, k = 2, r = .5 ; (ii) a=.2 , b=.5, k=r=1.