Martin Flashman's Courses- Math 480- Fall, 2006

What is a number?
What does it mean to say that something is “infinite”?
How can we know that a problem is impossible to solve?
How can one solve a problem without having a solution?
These are some of the many questions that abound in the

Philosophy of Mathematics.

Explore these and other philosophical issues of math this fall, 2006 in
Math 480 [CRN 42958] Selected Topics In Math (3 units):
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics
taught by Professor Martin Flashman (Mathematics)
Mondays- 14:00 - 16:50.

Professor Flashman plans to organize the course around concrete issues accessible to undergraduates with a reasonable prior experience with mathematics (High school geometry and pre-calculus or calculus) and acquaintance with logic (either Math 240 or Phil 100).

Readings will be from both traditional and current sources.
Students will be graded based on class participation, two short issue response papers, and a single term paper.

Without enough pre-registered students
this course will not be possible so-
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