Martin Flashman's Courses- Math 381 Fall, 2000

MATH 381 (1 unit)              COURSE INFORMATION                M. Flashman
TUTORIAL IN WRITING                                              Fall, 2000


OFFICE: Library 48  E-MAIL:    PHONE:826-4950

TEXT: How to read and do proofs, 2nd edition, by D.Solow.

GOAL: To improve ability to write prose for mathematical exposition and

METHODS: 1. Reading and outlining examples.
2. Analyzing different approaches to writing and problem solving.
3. Relating substance to style.
4. Editing and writing assignments based on correlative course work.

PHASE I: Lecture / Discussion          (ABOUT 9 WEEKS)
  1 HOUR / WEEK :
       Problem work related mainly to Solow.
       Use regular office hours for individual appointments.
       Small group meetings-  1 hour.

PHASE II: Tutorial / Discussion        (ABOUT 5 WEEKS)
 30 MIN / WEEK : problem solving, writing, and REwriting.
       Regular  office  hours PLUS scheduled individual tutorial
       sessions. Occasional small group meetings.

GRADES: Credit /No Credit only.

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