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Math 210 Calculus III  Spring, '03
MTRF  1000-1050 SH 116
Check Blackboard for Quiz 11. 
Final examination will be allowed 2 hours.
Review session in LIB 56: Sunday 5:30-8:00
Final Examination Self-Schedule Spring, 2003
Room: SH 116 
Room: SH 116 
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Room: SH 116
Room: SH116 
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Room: TBA
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Math 210, Spring, '03  CHECKLIST FOR REVIEWING FOR THE FINAL     M. Flashman
 1. Vectors and parametric equations 
 a. Algebra (addition and scalar multiplications) 
 b. Visualizing vectors. 
 c. Lines and planes. 
 d. Dot product 
 e. The Cross Product. 
 f. Vector valued Functions 
 g. Derivatives: tangent vectors, velocity, speed, and acceleration. 
 h. Arc Length. 
 i. Integrals and differential equations with vectors. 

2. Single valued functions of 2 or more variables. 
 a. Visualizing functions. 
 b. Limits and continuity. 
 c. Partial derivatives. 
 d. The Tangent plane to the graph, Linear approximations and the Differential. 
 e. The chain rule(s). 
 f. The gradient and directional derivatives. 
 g. Extreme values- Critical points and the Discriminant. 
 h. Lagrange Multipliers. 
 i. Surfaces.

3. Integration of single valued functions. 
 a. Double integrals and iterated integrals 
  i. Over rectangles. 
  ii. Over general compact regions. 
  iii. Changing the order of integration. 
  iv. Polar coordinates in the plane. 
 b. Triple Integrals. 
  i. Cartesian coordinates. 
  ii. Cylindrical coordinates. 
  iii. Spherical coordinates 
  iv. Application to density and mass. 

4. Vector Fields 
a.Integral curves in Vector Fields 
b.Gradient Vector Fields 
c. Integration of Vector Fields over curves.[ Line integrals of vector fields.]

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