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Math 210 Calculus III  Fall, '12
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MTRF 1100-1150 FOR 107
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Last updated: 8/19/2012

OFFICE: BSS 356                                      PHONE:826-4950
Office Hours (Tent.): :  MF 12:15- 13:30 (BSS 356) MT 16:00-17:20 (BSS 308) AND BY APPOINTMENT or chance!
E-MAIL:     WWW:
***PREREQUISITE: Math 110 (One Year of Calculus) or permission.

FINAL GRADES: Though final grades for the course are subject to my discretion, I will use the following overall percentages based on the total number of points for your work to determine the broader range of grades for the course.     A  85-100% ;   70- 84% ;  C  60- 60% ;  D  50- 59%  ;  F   0- 49%

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Martin Flashman's Home Page :)