Math 115  Lab #8
(for two lab periods)
M. Flashman Fall '07

I. Understanding Linear Parameters  in Graphs of Trig Functions   

I.Graphs of Trig Functions

II. Record your answers for the next work and submit them on Moodle by Wednesday, November 7th.

  1. Find the smallest positive A and B so that y=Acos(Bx) with y(0)=10, y(pi/3)=10. 
  2. Find the smallest positive C where y=cos(x + C) with y(-pi/3)=1.
  3. Find an estimate for any and all x  in [-3,3] where  2sin(x) + 3cos(2x) = 1.
  4. Find the smallest positive A, B and C so that y=Acos(Bx +C) has amplitude 3, period 2 and y(-1)=3.

End of Lab 8