Math 115  Lab #7
M. Flashman Fall '07

I. Graphs of Trig Functions   

II. Is this an identity? or can you estimate a solution for the equation?

I.Graphs of Trig Functions
II. Record your answers for the next work and submit them on Moodle by Wednesday, October 10th.

For each of the following equations, use winplot to explore whether it is an identity or not. If not, find estimates for all solutions in the interval [-5, 5]

  1.    sin(2x)  =  2*sin(x)*cos(x)
  2.  cos(2x)  =  2(cos(x))^2 - 1
  3.  sin(x)*tan(x) = cos(x).
  4.  cos(x) = 4 - x^2

End of Lab 7