Math 115  Lab #6
M. Flashman Fall '07

I. Graphs of Trig Functions   
    - Comparisons (demo)
Amplitude and period
II. Problems finding amplitude and period

I.Graphs of Trig Functions- Comparisons (demo)
II. Record your answers for the next work and submit them on Moodle by Wednesday, October 3rd.

For each of the following functions, use winplot to explore a) it's amplitude and b) it's period.

    1.  f (x) = 2 sin( 3x)
    2. p (x) =  5 sin( 1/2 x)
    3. h (x) = 4 sin( 2x)
    4. g (x) = 1/2 sin( pi x)

End of Lab 6