Tuesday,  September 29
Comment on Project  Proposals  and  portfolio sample entries. 
Comment on Symmetry  in Music and Sound:
we discussed
Translation   .... by an octave, relative position-- chords
Rotation: thirteen notes in "chromatic" scale
Glide Reflection

Space: How do we understand objects in space?
How can the Flatlander experience the sphere and space?

Try making a torus with 2 and 1 piece!

Cross sections: We looked at the cube with cross sections : squares, rectangles, triangles and hexagons depending on how the square passes through the plane.

Shadows: We looked at how the cube might case shadows that were square, rectangular or hexagonal,

Fold downs- flattened figures: we saw how the cube cube be assembled from folded down squares in two different configurations: a cross or a "zig-zag." [Insert pictures?]

analogue...  point... line.... polygon.... polyhedron......