Thuesday,  April 5

FAPP Similarity Video

    Similarity and Editing- font size applications.

Rubber band activity.
Wingeometry similarity.
Arithmetic and Geometric Series? Adding ...  Application to economics?

Arithmetic and Geometric Series
        Adding ... 
Application to economics.

Seeing the infinite... small and large.

How many points are there on a line segment? Can you count them all?

Any list (possibly infinite) of points in a given segment of a euclidean line will not have every point in that segment on the list.

Note  that we can make a list of points corresponding to the rational numbers once a unit length had been established. 
1/4, ....

What is a curve? 
Curves and approximations of curves by line segments and polygons.

Regular Polygons and the circle.
The length of a curve.

Infinite curves: The snowflake.
Activity on snowflakes.
Space filling curves.