Tuesday February 15

Coming events: Thursday, February 17
4PM, SH 109
Joseph Gallian Dept. of Math & Stat, Univ. of Minnesota
The Making of the 2003 Math Awareness Month Poster

This talk concerns the problem of traversing an m by n directed grid  embedded on a torus so that each vertex is visited exactly once before returning to the starting position. We include an application to computer graphics that became the image on 2003 Mathematics Awareness poster:

To read more about the development of this poster, see Douglas Dunham’s article “Hyperbolic Art and the Poster Pattern” at

8PM, FH 118
Joseph Gallian
Breaking Driver’s License Codes

Lab plus...

Wingeometry Activities
Download and unzip Wingeometry

Exploring 2-dim Flatland:

Btns:   Toolbar
       segments, rays, lines, circles, drag vertices
Create triangle
Transf: Translate...
             Glide reflect ....
Other:  Replay in slow motion.

Units:  Polygon....Regular... sides... Okay!
Meas     urements:

New window: Tesselations
                            Kites and Darts (Penrose)
                                        View.... Help

New window: 3 dim
Units: Polyhedral.... Regular.... Cube

Web Surfing Activity: Not done. :(

Return to Classroom at 2:50 to
Do Symmetry in Friezes activity and
watch video.