Math 103I

Tentative Reading Assignments (Revised 11-11-99)

Week Assnm't Source  Chapter and pages  Comments, Web Sites to Visit, and other things
1 Flatland 

Introduction, Preface, and Part I. 

 Prefaces and Ch 1 pp.1-7
(Activity and assignments on Flatland will follow next week.) Flatland is available on the web. 

Professor Ian Stewart "The Magical Maze: The Natural World and the Mathematical Mind" 
Tangram Information & Software (shareware) by S. T. Han
2 Flatland 

Part II. 

Preface and Chapter 1 (in part), Vitruvius, pp. 11-31. 
Ch.2 pp8-11; 13-16;16-24;24-26
Bring two congruent equilateral triangles to next class. 
This might be a good time to visit Rug patterns and Mathematics exhibit plus...
3 Pedoe 

 pp. 258 (middle) - 261 (symmetry). 

ch 7. pp 95-101;109-112
Thursday is Tessellation Day: Wear to class clothing that has a tiling pattern on it. 
You might want to visit this Tesselations site now .
4 Pedoe

pp. 44-46 middle; 66-69 middle. 72 bottom - 73 middle.(regular polygons)

Re-read p16-24 and ch 7. pp 95-101;109-112.
Symmetry Day: Bring to class an example of a natural or synthetic physical object that has a non- trivial group of symmetries together with your description of those symmetries. You may bring either the physical object itself or a sketch of the object. 
5 Pedoe 

pp. 75-6; 261-267 

pp. 1-10 

The metaphor of the cave. 
Platonic and Archimedean solids, Plato, and Kepler. 
The Platonic solids  is an interesting site with Java viewers for interactive manipulation created by Peter Alfeld of Univ. of Utah.

(Introduction to Topology) 

(On Handout.)
6 Pedoe 

pp. 265 - 267 , pp75-76 (again)

pp. 10 - 23 
ch 11: pp159-166
 (Semi-regular solids)

 (Euler's formula, the torus) 

(Networks and Euler's formula)
7 Barr


pp. 23-31 ; 

pp. 173-177 
pp. 273-284 
pp 215-220
( The Moebius strip, orientability, and dimension.) 
(Map Coloring.) 

Cartesian coordinates
Flatland; the Fourth dimension introduced. 
Lines and transformations
8 Barr 


pp. 23-39 

pp. 273-284

pp 144-153
Repeat reading and New Surfaces- the Klein Bottle
Flatland; the Fourth dimension introduced.(repeated) 
A Visualization of 4d hypercube (Java applet).

Topology- the moebius band and the Klein bottle
9 Barr 


Zeno's Paradoxes
pp. 62 - 72
pp 136-148

pp. 82-85 
pp. 102-107 

More about the Klein Bottle 
More about the Torus.
The Infinite
(Zeno's Paradoxes and the infinite.)
Finite and Infinite Sets
10 Barr 

pp. 78 - 84
pp. 149-154
pp82-92 middle
Intro to Cross Caps and the Projective Plane
Another look at infinite sets.
Constructing surfaces in general
DaVinci and more on infinity
11 Pedoe


pp. 44 - 58 
pp. 78 - 84
pp 136-148
pp 1-3 
pp 200-209
Scale and proportion. (Durer and perspective drawing )
Intro to Cross Caps and the Projective Plane (review)
Turning a Punctured Sphere inside-out. (review)
(Beginning to discuss configurations) 
Into Hyperspace.
12 Stewart


pp. 44 - 58 
Sections 3 and 6. 
Adding the infinite  and limits.
Linear Transformations
(Projective Geometry) (Durer and perspective drawing) 
(Projection and Ideal elements)
13? Pedoe 


p. 134-138 

p. 58-65; p. 173-184 

Section 11. 

(Kepler's Planetary Theory) (Conics and cartesian geometry) 

(Continuation of Projective geometry) 

(Durer, conics and perspective drawing cont'd.) (Cartesian & Projective geometry-Desargue again) 

(Desargue's Theorem)

14? Pedoe pp.184-192 (Euclid's Axioms) (Non-Euclidean Geometries) 
(Drawing & projective geometry) 

 Resource List for Portfolio Entries

The following list contains suggestions  for finding resources as well as the names of resources that may be used for one or more portfolio entries. Before reading an article in one of these resources thoroughly it is advisable to scan it quickly to see that it contains something of interest to yourself. Your portfolio entry can report on the content of your reading, illustrate it by examples, and/or follow up on it with your own response and creativity.
These articles may also be useful in developing a deper level of understanding on a topic which will suppport your term project.  I will add to this list as the term progresses.