CUPM Subcommittee on

Calculus Reform and the First Two Years (CRAFTY)

Minutes, Washington, DC,

Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 8:00am – 9:30am

Saturday, January 22, 2000, 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Recorded by Bill Barker and David Lay.

Notes produced by Bill Barker, August 1, 2000.

Attendance. (W means Wednesday only, S means Saturday only)

Committee members:

Bill Barker (Chair), Jack Bookman, Wade Ellis, Susanna Epp,

Susan Ganter, Shelly Gordon, Herb Kasube (S), John Kenelly, Linda Kime (S),

David Lay, Bill McCallum (S), Anita Salem (S)


Tom Berger, Laurette Foster (S), Bill Haver, Deborah Hughes Hallett (W),

Andrew Serrett, Don Small, David Smith (W), Kathleen Snook, Liz Teles (W),

Bruce and Kathy Yoshiwara (S), Lee Zia (W)

We welcomed two new members in January --- John Kenelly and Anita Salem --- as well as two new "unofficial" members --- Laurette Foster and Kathleen Snook. Thanks for joining us!

(1) CUPM’s Curriculum Initiative and CRAFTY’s Curriculum Foundations Project

Reports were made on the first two Curriculum Foundations Workshops:

Physics and Computer Science, Bowdoin College, October 1999

Interdisciplinary (Math, Physics, Engineering), West Point, November 1999

It was the universal sentiment that the workshops were a great success, beginning the Curriculum Foundations project in a very positive fashion.

It was strongly felt that the reports generated by these workshops should be available on the CRAFTY web page.

Numerous other potential workshops were discussed. Since these minutes have been written seven months later, the series of Curriculum Foundations workshops has fully taken shape. A copy of this list is included with the minutes. Included are two workshops focused on "Technical Mathematics," primarily geared to two-year colleges.

When organizing a CF Workshop and when inviting participants it is important that we make clear the purpose of the resulting reports. We need to emphasize how seriously we are treating this project.

Plans were set for two panels for the Joint Meetings in New Orleans in January 2001. The first would have workshop representatives from the partner disciplines. The second would be a panel of mathematicians discussing the implications of the CF reports for the design of the mathematics curriculum. Jack Bookman and Susanna Epp volunteered to organize these panels. One or both of the panels might be part of the annual MER Special Session.

It was also suggested that we contact the MAA Notes committee to prepare for publication of the workshop reports.

It was suggested that, whenever possible, workshops include at least one person who is familiar with modern linear algebra in order to identify specific linear algebra topics used by the partner disciplines.

There was a suggestion that the as-yet non-assembled "Steering Committee" be reconstituted as a "Dissemination Committee." Ultimately we decided to delay the appointment of a Steering Committee, perhaps indefinitely. The CF Planning Committee has been able to organize the desired workshops by itself and so there is no compelling reason to spend time and energy forming a Steering Committee.

(2) College Algebra Initiatives.

CRAFTY reaffirmed its recommendation of the past summer for the CUPM to form a College Algebra Task Force consisting of representatives of the relevant MAA committees and CUPM subcommittees.

"Step One" for the Task Force would be a report which summarizes what really happens in college algebra and pre-calculus courses. This would be a "report on current practice." The next step would be to determine what the mathematics community thinks should actually be learned in such courses.

Shelly Gordon has submitted a proposal for a CRAFTY sponsored contributed paper session in New Orleans in January 2001 entitled "Redefining the Modern College Algebra Course."

CRAFTY approved Don Small’s proposal to organize a three-day invitational conference on "College Algebra Reform" in 2001. The intent would be to affect college algebra instruction in much the same way that the 1986 Tulane Conference affected calculus instruction. Don felt confident that he could secure the necessary funding for such a conference.

Shelly Gordon volunteered to submit an allied panel proposal for the January 2001 New Orleans meeting: "Re-Defining ‘College Algebra’ Courses." Hopefully the panel can be cosponsored by the College Algebra Task Force when this group is assembled.

(3) "Calculus Renewed" Panel Discussion.

CRAFTY endorsed the organization of a panel discussion built around Susan Ganter’s "Calculus Renewed." This will be handled by the Calculus Reform and Evaluation working group.

CRAFTY/CUPM Curriculum Foundations Workshops.

As of July 21, 2000

Contact: William Barker,

Already Held:

Physics and Computer Science, Bowdoin College, Maine, Oct. 28-31’99

William Barker,

Interdisciplinary (Math, Physics, Engineering), West Point, Nov. 4-7,’99

Don Small,

Engineering, Clemson University, May 4-7, ’00

Susan Ganter,

Health-related Life Sciences, Virginia Commonwealth University, May 18-20,’00

William Haver,


Technical Mathematics at two sites:

Los Angeles Pierce College, California, Oct. 5-8, ’00

Bruce Yoshiwara,

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Virginia, Oct. 12-15, ’00

Susan Wood,

Mary Ann Hovis,

Statistics, Grinnell College, Oct. 12-15, ’00

Thomas Moore,

Business, Finance and Economics, University of Arizona, Oct. 28-29, ’00

Deborah Hughes Hallett,

William McCallum,

Mathematics Education, Michigan State University, Nov. 1-3,’00

Joan Ferrini-Mundy,

Biology and Chemistry, Macalester College, Nov. 2-5, ’00

David Bressoud,

In Preparation:

Mathematics Preparation for the Major, MSRI (probable), Feb.’01

William McCallum,

CRAFTY Working Groups: Members

August 2000

The COORDINATOR for each group is indicated by the double asterisk **.

"Friends of CRAFTY" who are not actually members of the committee are

marked with a single asterisk *.

Curriculum Foundations.

CF Planning Committee.

** Bill Barker

Susan Ganter

Bill McCallum

* Bill Haver

* Deb Hughes Hallett

* Harvey Keynes

* Don Small

CF Support.

Jack Bookman

Herb Kasube

Susanna Epp

* Ron Douglas

* Martin Flashman

* Sheldon Gordon

* David Smith

Calculus Reform Initiatives:

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Calculus Reform.

** Herb Kasube

Bill Barker

Jack Bookman

Susan Ganter

Anita Salem

"AFTY" Initiatives:

College Algebra.

** Linda Kime

Karabi Datta

Wade Ellis, Jr.

* Laurette Foster

* Sheldon Gordon

* Don Small

Linear Algebra / Differential Equations Initiatives.

** David Lay

Karabi Datta

Wade Ellis, Jr.

* Martin Flashman

* Frank Wattenberg

Client Disciplines Initiative.

* ** Sheldon Gordon

Susanna Epp

John Kenelly

David Lay

Bill McCallum

* Deb Hughes Hallett

* Frank Wattenberg

CRAFTY Web Page.

* ** Martin Flashman

Bill Barker

* David Smith

CUPM Subcommittee on


August 2000

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Chair Bowdoin College

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Brunswick, ME 04011-8486

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Jack Bookman 1/01

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Karabi Datta 1/02

Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, IL 60115-2854

Wade Ellis, Jr. 1/01

West Valley College

14000 Fruitvale Avenue

Saratoga, CA 95070-2200

Susanna Epp 1/03

DePaul University

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Chicago, IL 60614-3504

Susan Ganter 1/01

Department of Mathematical Sciences

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Clemson University

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Herbert Kasube 1/02

Bradley University

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Peoria, IL 61625-0001

John Kenelly 1/03

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Clemson University

Clemson, SC 29634-1907

Linda Kime 1/03

University of Massachusetts at Boston

Harbor Campus

Boston, MA 02125

David Lay 1/03

University of Maryland, College Park

College Park, MD 20742-0001

William McCallum 1/03

University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ 85721

Anita Salem 1/03

Rockhurst College

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Kansas City, MO 64110-2561


(An ever expanding universe…)

August 2000

Tom Banchoff

Bill Bauldry

Tom Berger

David Bressoud

Mort Brown

Ron Douglas

Joan Ferrini-Mundy

Naomi Fisher

Martin Flashman

Laurette Foster

Frank Giordano

Sheldon Gordon

Bill Haver

Roger Howe

Deborah Hughes Hallett

Harvey Keynes

Don Lewis

Jim Lightbourne

Tom Moore

Harriet Pollatsek

Wayne Roberts

Donald Small

David Smith

Kathleen Snook

Elizabeth Teles

Frank Wattenberg

Susan Wood

Lee Zia