Welcome to the CRAFTY chat room. [CRAFTY homepage.]
Neither CRAFTY nor the MAA is responsible for any difficulties that may arise from the use of this chat room.
Please read the RULES and remember to be courteous.
To join the chat: Enter the name by which you wish to be identified below in the lower of the two boxes.
Other commands are listed on the lower part of this page.
  • Be courteous.
  • Be patient. It takes time to enter a cogent response.
  • Make comments that are responsive and substantive.
  • Prepare your responses and re-read them before you send them to the room.
  • Try to make the end of your remarks clear. [END]
  • Give other people an opportunity to respond.
  • When possible address comments on the organization of a conference, questions for an invited speaker, etc.  privately to the room moderator.

  • [For example use         .msg FLASHMAN  Did I miss something?
    to send the  message "Did I miss something?"  to FLASHMAN  - the moderator of the conference.]
  • Keep YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR and don't overuse upper case letters. :)
  • Control of the room is at the discretion of the moderator.
  • Please send suggestions and comments to Martin Flashman.
    Below is a list of commands to use after you make a connection to the CRAFTY chat site. 
    .quit This command terminates your connection with the chat server.
    .help Gives you the help page of the chat server.
    .me If you type in .me <action> where <action> is an emotion, or action, it emotes, as in Freud sleeps, etc.
    .msg If you type in .msg <nick> <message> where <nick> is the other person's nickname, and the message is some kind of message, it will send that person a private message.
    .who Gives you a list of the people in the CalcReform chat room.
    .whois If you type in .whois <nick> where <nick> is the other user's nickname, it will give you information about that user.
    This chat is possible because of the free services provided by SPiN Communications.