Agendas for the CRAFTY meetings, January, 2000.
Meeting  1/19/00
Meeting 1/22/00

Agenda: 8:00am - 9:30am, Wednesday, January 19, 2000.

Primary Items: Curriculum Foundations Project

Contributed Papers for New Orleans

1. Approval or revision of minutes from Providence meeting, July 31, 1999.

2. Brief Reminder: San Antonio events sponsored or co-sponsored by CRAFTY:
Wed., 8:00-11:00,
Thurs., 8:00-11:00, 1:00-3:45.

Paper Session, "Integrating Mathematics and Other Disciplines,"
Organizers include Bill McCallum, David Lay, and Deborah Hughes Hallett
Thurs., 9:30-11:00

Panel, "A Facilitated Dialog on Teaching Reform Issues,"
Organized for CRAFTY & MER by Bill Davis
Thurs., 1:00-2:20

Panel, "What Does Algebra Mean in the Twenty-First Century,"
Organizers: Shelly Gordon and Linda Kime
Fri., 1:00-2:30

Panel, "Curricular Reforms in Client Disciplines:
Implications for Post-Calculus Mathematics,"
Organizers: Shelly Gordon and David Lay
Sat., 9:00-10:20

Panel, "Compromise and Calculus Reform: Calculus Reform in the Long Run,"
Organizers: Jack Bookman and Herb Kasube

3. Brief Report: CRAFTY Web Page:
Bill Barker

4. Curriculum Foundations Project/CUPM Curriculum Initiative
Bill Barker and Curriculum Foundations Planning Committee

Completed: Bowdoin Workshop (Physics and Computer Science)/Barker
USMA, West Point (Interdisciplinary)/Small

Upcoming: VCU (Health Sciences)/Haver

Possible:( Names and schools sites omitted) Business and Finance/ Engineering /  Mathematics Education
Hopes:  Mathematics for Graduate Training
Needs: Statistics and Operations Research/ Chemistry/ Quantitative Social Sciences

Debriefing on completed workshops / Advice for upcoming workshops.

Review list of workshops / Volunteers to organize workshops?
Review list of questions for the workshops.

Decisions on the Steering Committee.
Procedures for circulation, revision, and use of workshop reports.
Organization of Curriculum Conference / Interface with CUPM Initiative.

5. Discussion of possible Paper Sessions for New Orleans, January 2001

Our desire to organize paper sessions must be conveyed to the MAA Committee on Sessions of Contributed Papers PRIOR to their meeting on Saturday at 4:00pm.

Agenda: 3:30pm - 5:00pm, Saturday, January 22, 2000.

Primary Items: College Algebra/Pre-Calculus Initiatives
Curriculum Foundations Project (residual questions)

1. Curriculum Foundations Project/CUPM Curriculum Initiative
Bill Barker and Curriculum Foundations Planning Committee
Residual questions from Wednesday’s discussion.

2. College Algebra/Pre-Calculus Initiatives
Linda Kime / Don Small
Formation of a CUPM College Algebra Task Force?

Generate a report on current practice.
What should be learned in college algebra & pre-calculus?
Who should be involved?
How does this fit with the CUPM Curriculum Initiative?

3. Calculus Reform and Evaluation Initiatives
Herb Kasube / Jack Bookman / Susan Ganter

4. Client Disciplines Initiatives
Shelly Gordon

5. Linear Algebra / Differential Equations Initiatives
David Lay

6. Summary of CRAFTY Events for New Orleans in 2001
Bill Barker

7. Other business

8. Suggestions for future agenda items

Some possibilities:
Outreach to historically black colleges and universities
Distance learning and "electronic academic systems"

CRAFTY Working Groups: Members

The COORDINATOR for each group is indicated by the double asterisk **.

"Friends of CRAFTY" who are not actually members of the committee are

marked with a single asterisk *.

Curriculum Foundations.

CF Planning Committee.

** Bill Barker

Susan Ganter

* Bill Haver

* Deb Hughes Hallett

* Harvey Keynes

Bill McCallum

* Don Small

CF Support.

Jack Bookman

Sheldon Gordon

Herb Kasube

* Ron Douglas

* Martin Flashman

* David Smith

Calculus Reform Initiatives:

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Calculus Reform.

** Herb Kasube

Bill Barker

Jack Bookman

Susan Ganter

"AFTY" Initiatives:

College Algebra.

** Linda Kime

Karabi Datta

Wade Ellis, Jr.

Sheldon Gordon

* Don Small

Linear Algebra / Differential Equations Initiatives.

** David Lay

Karabi Datta

Wade Ellis, Jr.

* Martin Flashman

* Frank Wattenberg

Client Disciplines Initiative.

** Sheldon Gordon

Susanna Epp

David Lay

Bill McCallum

* Frank Wattenberg

CRAFTY Web Page.

* ** Martin Flashman

Bill Barker

* David Smith

CRAFTY Working Groups: Descriptions

Curriculum Foundations Project:

CF Planning Committee and CF Support Working Group.

The CUPM has undertaken a major review of the undergraduate mathematics curriculum. As its part of this review, CRAFTY has been organizing workshops with members of the partner disciplines. The purpose of these workshops is to determine the mathematical needs that these disciplines have from the first two years of collegiate mathematics instruction. The information is conveyed primarily via reports produced by each workshop in response to a list of questions provided by the Curriculum Foundations Planning Committee. The workshops are hosted and funded by a variety of educational and research institutions across the country. A Curriculum Conference will be organized as the final event in the project, pulling together the reports from all the workshops and producing recommendations for inclusion in the CUPM Curriculum Initiative.

In addition to the Curriculum Foundations Planning Committee, there is also a Working Group of CRAFTY to give additional support to the project. It is also intended that a high level Steering Committee will be organized to provide guidance and a diversity of viewpoints for the project.

Calculus Reform Initiatives:

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Calculus Reform.

As one of the most heavily funded and widely influential initiatives in mathematics education in the last thirty years, the calculus reform movement and its consequences deserve continued monitoring and evaluation. This working group seeks to promote and stimulate such evaluation and reflection.

"AFTY" Initiatives:

College Algebra.

This working group will report on the current status of reform efforts in the instruction of college algebra, and will recommend appropriate initiatives and actions for CRAFTY to undertake. CRAFTY is considering the possibility of a major effort in this area.

"AFTY" Initiatives:

Linear Algebra / Differential Equations Initiatives.

This working group will propose initiatives for CRAFTY to consider concerning courses that immediately follow calculus. It will also report on the current status of reform efforts in this area, e.g., what groups are involved in major efforts, who are the key players, etc.

Client Disciplines Initiative.

This working group grew out of an NSF grant proposal designed by Shelly Gordon in the mid 90s. The goal is to increase communication between mathematics and the partner disciplines, primarily to improve cooperation and cross-fertilization with regards to the first two years of collegiate mathematics. Contributed paper sessions organized by this working group at the January meetings have drawn an enormous number of proposed papers.

CRAFTY Web Site.

Martin Flashman, now a CRAFTY emeritus, is our web site guru. He has constructed and maintained a very impressive "draft" web site which is well-worth a visit. Besides finding as much information as you could ever want about CRAFTY, Martin has added useful links to numerous other sites.

CUPM Subcommittee on


January 2000

William Barker 1/01

Chair Bowdoin College

8600 College Station,

Brunswick, ME 04011-8486

(207) 725-3571

Jack Bookman 1/01

Duke University

4421 Whitfield Road (home)

Durham, NC 27707

Karabi Datta 1/02

Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, IL 60115-2854

Wade Ellis, Jr. 1/01

West Valley College

14000 Fruitvale Avenue

Saratoga, CA 95070-2200

Susanna Epp 1/03

DePaul University

2219 North Kenmore

Chicago, IL 60614-3504

Susan Ganter 1/01

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Clemson University

Clemson, SC 29634-1907

Sheldon Gordon 1/00

SUNY Farmington

61 Cedar Road (home)

East Northport, NY 11731-4128

Herbert Kasube 1/02

Bradley University

1501 W. Bradley Avenue

Peoria, IL 61625-0001

John Kenelly 1/03

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Clemson University

Clemson, SC 29634-1907

Linda Kime 1/03

University of Massachusetts at Boston

Harbor Campus

Boston, MA 02125

David Lay 1/03

University of Maryland, College Park

College Park, MD 20742-0001

William McCallum 1/03

University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ 85721

Anita Salem 1/03

Rockhurst College

1100 Rockhurst Road

Kansas City, MO 64110-2561


(we grow larger each year...)

January 2000

Tom Banchoff

Tom Berger

Mort Brown

Ron Douglas

Joan Ferrini-Mundy

Naomi Fisher

Martin Flashman

Laurette Foster

Frank Giordano

Jack Grubbs

Bill Haver

Roger Howe

Deborah Hughes Hallett

Harvey Keynes

Jim Lightbourne

Shirley Pomeranz

Donald Small

David Smith

Kathleen Snook

Elizabeth Teles

Frank Wattenberg

Lee Zia