FOCUS Groups for CRAFTY/CUPM Curriculum Foundation Workshops Reports

The MAA Committee on the Undergraduate program in Mathematics (CUPM) is currently studying the undergraduate curriculum in mathematics with the goal of developing a document that will assist mathematics departments as they plan their programs through the next decade. As a part of this effort, the CUPM subcommittee on Calculus Reform and  the First Two Years is conducting a series of national workshops with representatives of other mathematics intensive disciplines.
The CUPM is organizing a series of FOCUS groups on Thursday evening, January 11, from 630 to 8:00, to obtain feedback
from the mathematics community on the reports of the Curriculum Foundations workshops.
If you are interested in participating or would like to recommend someone to participate in these focus groups contact the apprpriate group leader.




e-mail address
Engineering (Clemson University)
Beauregard Room  5th floor - Marriott
Don Small U.S. Military Academy
Susan Ganter Clemson University
Mathematics Education (Michigan State University)
Galvez Room 5th floor - Marriott
Sharon Senk Michigan State University
Technical Mathematics (Los Angeles Pierce College, California, 
and J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Virginia)
Jackson Room 
5th Floor -Marriott
Mary Ann Hovis Lima Technical College
Biology, Chemistry (Macalester College) and Life Sciences (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Southdown  A 4th Floor - Sheraton
David Bressoud Macalester College
Bill Haver Virginia Commonwealth University
Business, Finance and Economics (University of Arizona)
Salon 817 8th Floor - Sheraton
Deborah Hughes-Hallett University of Arizona
Physics (Bowdoin College)
Salon 828 A 8th Floor - Sheraton
Bill Barker Bowdoin College
Computer Sciences (Bowdoin College)
Salon 828 B 8th Floor - Sheraton
Susanna Epp DePaul University
Statistics (Grinnell College)
Salon 829 8th Floor - Sheraton
Thomas Moore Grinnell College