Dynamic Visualization of PreCalculus and Calculus Concepts with Geometer's Sketchpad
for AMATYC Workshop
November 5, 1998
Martin Flashman
Department of Mathematics
Humboldt State University
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Abstract: Traditional approaches to pre-calculus and calculus emphasize graphs and functions in static visualizations. Those attending this presentation will discover how Geometer's Sketchpad's dynamic features allow the instructor and the student to create an active environment for exploring functions, graphs, roots, extremes, differentiability, tangent/vector fields, and integration.
  1. Introduction.
    1. Who are we?
    2. Getting familiar with Geometer's Sketchpad layout.
    3. Overview of this workshop.
  2. Coordinates and Graphs from Formulae.
    1. Use the Graph menu to Create Axes.
    2. Plotting Points
      1. Select point plotting tool and plot points with mouse.
        1. Plot free point in the plane.
        2. Plot point on X-axis.
      2. Select select and translate tool.
        1. Select the X-axis with your mouse.
        2. Use the Construct menu to construct a point on the object (the X-axis).
      3. Select the Label tool.
        1. Label one of the points you have constructed on the X -axis.
        2. By "double clicking" on the point, change the label of the point to x.
        3. (optional) Change the font and size of the label.
    3. Finding Coordinates and Calculating with Measurements.
      1. Select a point (or two- hold the shift key and use the mouse left button).
      2. Use the Measure menu to obtain the coordinate(s) of the selected point(s).
      3. Use the Measure menu to calculate the first coordinate of a point on the X-axis. After the screen calculator appears, click on coordinates of the point. Then select OK on the screen calculator or hit the enter key.



        [Quicky: Triple click with the left mouse